Real Nappy Week – UK Cloth Nappy Library Network

 Today for Real Nappy Week I want to focus on the important work that our UK Cloth Nappy Library Network. Not only the Network but the Nappy libraries aswell!

What is the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network?

The UK Cloth Nappy Library Network is a network made up of libraries, retailers and manufactures of cloth nappies. It is fairly new and currently they are in the early stages of becoming an official Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The main aim of the network is;

  • To inform and educate families about reusable nappies.
  • Support research into best practice.
  • To aid the cooperation of reusable nappy stakeholders to maximise their good work.
  • Raise the public profile of reusable nappies and nappy libraries.
  • To maximise nappy libraries’ activities through training and support

For you and me it is a place to come for information on cloth nappies and where we can go for help in choosing which ones would work for us. The UK Cloth Nappy Library Network Facebook page is great one to follow as they share all the news, updates and any competitions/giveaways.

Uk cloth nappy library network

Nappy Libraries – Why?

If you are completely new to cloth nappies I will 100% say to contact a nappy library before buying any. Just having the opportunity to physically see and trial cloth nappies is a great resource. Its amazing how sometimes things look different online rather than in person. Having one to one help as well, no question is too silly. The ladies really know their stuff!

If you are already a cloth user and wanted to try a Tots Bots, or wanted to know the difference between an Elemental or Freetime, struggling to find a washing routine that works then the libraries can help you.

There are currently over 100 nappy libraries all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, majority are non-profit and run by volunteers who dedicate hours of their time, even sacrificing family time to be able to run their service.

If you do not have a local library, then you can still hire cloth nappies from libraries who offer postal loans. Those are shown by the red pins in the map below. Any Library will happily help answer any questions you may have,

Did you know?

The majority of volunteers use their own money to build their kits up to be able to lend out to us?

Did you know?

The majority of libraries are non profit. Some are free, some charge a fee, but being non-profit 100% of the money goes back into library to enable them to update their kits, pay for insurance or contributing towards washing the nappies.

Did you know?

Libraries accept donations, be it money or nappies. Without our donations to the libraries they will struggle to be able to provide their services. Any unwanted nappies can be put to very good use, and help the library to help spread the cloth love.

If you have a donation you wish to pass onto a library, but you do not have a local one then please message the UK cloth nappy library . You can also email the nappy library network with DONATION as the subject title. Or you can now also join UK Cloth nappy library network – Contribution central Facebook group.

Did you know?

Some libraries offer FREE long term hire kits to those who may need to use it, all you need to do is message your local library and ask if they have one available.

 The libraries really do need our support! So let’s spread the word and let everyone know the fantastic service exists!!


  1. 26th April 2017 / 6:14 pm

    Wow! An excellent, easy to read post on the very important work of the nappy libraries. We are certainly going to spread this info all over the place!! Thank you! 🙂

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