Running a nappy library – Why I started running one

This year I am celebrating 4 years of running my nappy library. What is a nappy library? A nappy library is a service with the aim to promote cloth nappies to local people. I say people as we don’t just talk to mums, but also dads, grandparents, aunties and Uncles. Childminders, Nurseries and other professionals too. There are nappy libraries up and down the country. You can check this map here to see if you have one nearby and if you don’t then the red pins all offer a postal loan.

The great thing about nappy libraries is that it isn’t just a service but a small community in which everyone is welcome. Some libraries hold regular meets and demonstrations. It is a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you. It sounds cheesy, but because of the cloth nappy library I have made some great friends.

Cloth nappies

Nappy libraries main aim is to promote cloth nappies. We don’t mind if you want to use cloth nappies part time. If you choose to use disposables over night that is okay. We would love it if you decided cloth nappies were so fantastic you wanted to use them full time. The great thing about cloth nappies is even 1 switch a day saves you money, and 365 nappies going to landfill each year.

When I first decided to use cloth nappies I was so confused! I didn’t know what was available, where to buy or even if there would be one that would fit my baby. An online friend had set me one to try and I loved how easy it went on. I made mistakes (We all do) I spent a lot of money on nappies that looking back wasn’t a great choice for us. It took me awhile to learn all the different types of nappies, inserts and brands .Through trial and error we continued to use cloth nappies and grew to love them. The prints were great and I quickly established my favourites.

New library

There was a post on a group advertising for people to start a library in their area. East Anglia was looking empty, I agreed to start a library to cover Cambridgeshire. In the early days it was more spreading the word about who we were and trying to build up a hire kit which was worthy to be lent to out. We struggled, in all honesty the early days were some of the hardest. We wanted to help those who came to us but with no money and having to rely on donations we didn’t have an awful lot. The hire kits had a small charge and we soon started to build a little bit of funds. I put my own money into the library too way more than I should of. As the months went on we became a little more established and our hire numbers increased.

As the weeks went on more and more libraries joined and the U.K Nappy library network was established.

My library’s first poster.



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