Our Summer Bucket List – 50 things to do

It is the first day of the summer holidays and here is our top 50 things chosen by Jack, Oliver and Arthur of what they want to do! Many are going to be simple and quite easily achievable. One or two however will be a little more tougher! But we will try and tick off as many of these as we can!

The first 10!

  • Go for ice-cream – I must say this one has to be one of my favourites! Who doesn’t like ice-cream? and it can be done anytime and won’t take up an entire day!
  • Treasure Hunt – Oliver said he would like to do a hunt. I have no idea where we could do this as our house/garden is quite small but I am pretty sure I could make it work!
  • Metal Detector – Jack has asked if we could take a metal detector to a beach to comb for metal. We are going on holiday to Scarborough in the holidays. Perfect timing! Just need to find a metal detector to take with us!
  • Holiday – Like I mentioned we are off to Scarborough for a few days camping in the tent. Our last trip to Shell Island was such a success we are doing it again!
  • Wicksteed Park – We recently went to Wicksteed Park and all 3 of them enjoyed it so much they want to go back. We noticed whilst we were there that they have camping facilities. May need to check that out!                                                                                                         Bucket list
  • Cinema! – Last summer we visited our local cineworld a few times to make use of their Movies for Juniors. They have a show everyday around 10am where the tickets cost less than £2 each. The lights are dimmed and expect noise but it is an awesome time to take young children.
  • Late night walk – I may coincide this with our holiday who knows! but it would be lovely for the boys to check out the local area at night time! Everything looks different in the moon light.
  • Picnics – What the boys don’t realise is, Picnics are going to be pretty much all they will be eating over the summer. They each have a pretty cool Yumbox lunch box so I will be preparing their lunches to take with us.
  • Sleepover – Jack and Oliver have both requested to have sleep overs this summer. Although I think Oliver is a little too young Jack did have his first last year. Hopefully we will be able to have a couple of sleepovers.
  • Sweets – Oliver suggested sweets. Although I think he actually meant he wanted to spend the entire day just munching out on sweeties. Wilkinson’s sometimes have half price pick n mix so we maybe taking advantage of that!


These are all pretty much local attractions to us!

  • Belton House – Belton House is a local National Trust house which has a great play area for kids to play. Having never been there before we have just become insanely jealous of everyone’s photos. So we need to take a trip out there.
  • Bretton Water Park – This is an amazingly free splash park. The one major downside is there is literally no shade! And it gets busy. It is routinely checked for damage and water quality is checked often too.
  • Stanwick Lakes – Nanny took the boys last year and it is somewhere I wanted to take them too. This year we are going with their Aunty and baby cousin.
  • Zip Wire Park – Just on the outskirts of Peterborough is a village which has an pretty cool play park. We found once whilst waiting to get our roof box fitted by these guys. Purely by chance! But since then we have made the journey for a play.
  • Gruffalo Hunt – We made a visit to Top Lodge Fineshade Woods to see if we could track down the Gruffalo. Using augmented reality the trail is brought to life! The boys loved our visit and couldn’t wait to go back!                                                                                                         
  • Dinosaur Adventure Park – 2 years ago we travelled to visit Norfolks Dino park. Arthur had not long turned 1 so we would love to go again now he is older.
  • Football Match – Jack asked to go to his first football match! It has only taken a couple of years but we have informed Grandad who hopefully will take him.
  • Town Paddling Pool – We are very lucky to have a lot of free places we can visit. One of them is the Town paddling pool. It is lovely and surrounded by a lovely play area, large sand pit and plenty of fields.
  • 2 x Local Play Parks – We live within a 10 minute of walk of 2 play parks. The boys have put their request in that we go and visit them both.
  • Burghley House Garden of Surprises – We have never been here before but a lot of people recommend it! So we are making sure we go this summer.


It isn’t the summer holidays without eating a few different takeaways and being a little relaxed a little. A lot of these are pretty straight forward and we can achieve several in a day!

  • McDonalds – Our local McDonalds went through a refurb so it is now kitted out with tablets on the tables. The boys like to sit and play.
  • Chinese – Oliver’s favourite food so I would like to take him to a restaurant. Maybe an eat as much as you can type one.
  • Go for pudding – I recently took my niece to a dessert bar and loved it. I think the boys would be in their element.
  • Trip to town – I can imagine going on several trips to town to places such as the museum.
  • Laser quest Jack has been asking to go to Laser Quest. I think the other 2 maybe a little too young so I may surprise him for his birthday.
  • Play Phlat ball! – The boys received a phlat ball for Christmas/birthdays. Arthur has specifically requested that we play with them along with the Frisbee
  • Frisbee -^^
  • Play Nintendo Wii – Any excuse to play a game but what can I say we love Mario!
  • Xbox – Minecraft, Lego Batman and Lego Jurassic park are all our go to games.
  • Movie Night – One thing as a family we love is to sit and watch movies together. We haven’t seen the new batman film yet so I will buy that as well as popcorn, sweets etc and we will watch it.


  • Raspberry Picking –Due to Strawberry picking ending soon we will have to go and make sure to get our raspberries. Pick Your Own
  • Butterfly pack – Oliver received a butterfly kit to see them grow for his birthday. We have been waiting for the summer holidays though to use it!
  • Go Swimming – Jack and Oliver has asked often to go swimming. I must get over my self conscious body issues and just take them!
  • Sandringham Park – We recently took my Grandad and Oliver and Arthur have been asking to go back ever since. So this is a must!
  • Zoo! – We would love to take the boys to see a giraffe, rhino and elephants. They have never been to a large zoo before with us so I would like to take them.
  • Scooter ride – I think e could probably gather some friends and go scooting. I would love an adult scooter to keep up with them all.
  • Go to the Hairdressers – Jacks requested a visit to the hairdressers.
  • Go to a Toy Shop – What kid wouldn’t?
  • Birthday Party – It is Jack’s birthday near the end of August and he has asked for a party. We will have to see.
  • Have a Lego Day – We will most likely have lots of these days! We love Lego and in September the new Ninjago movie is out so I can imagine there will be lots of excitement.


  • Play The Sims – Jack and Oliver have both been playing The Sims recently. It is my most played computer game and I love that the boys want to get involved.
  • Go to LEGOLAND – We went to LEGOLAND last year and although really busy I would love to take them again!
  • Have a bike ride– Hopefully I will be getting a bike so we can enjoy bike rides together!
  • Go for a run – Last year we completed a 5K fun run and Jack has been wanting to do another ever since. I need to look into places he could go to run.
  • Get outside more – We just want to generally make the most out of being outdoors!
  • Go to Railworld – Despite living in Peterborough all my life I have never been to Railworld. I would love to take the boys this summer.
  • Go to Seaside – Last year we went to Brancaster as a whole family (nieces, nephews the lot!) and loved it!
  • Stick Insects – Like the butterfly, Oliver received a kit which he is  dying to do! So we have signed off to receive the stick insect eggs.
  • Mini Beast Hunting – Oliver is obsessed with bugs and insects so I would love to take his gear and go on a proper little hunt.
  • RELAX! – Okay this one is for me!


  1. 25th July 2017 / 12:15 pm

    Oh the metal detector sounds so much fun, I used to love pretending to hunt for treasure when I was a small. Now they do that whole geo-cashing thing so you can do it for real.

    • 26th July 2017 / 9:02 am

      I just need to get a metal detector in time for our holiday! I love Geocaching!

  2. 25th July 2017 / 1:17 pm

    Such a fab list, I bet you’re all going to be exhausted by the end of summer haha 🙂 I’m off to look at kiddy cinema showing now! xx

    • 26th July 2017 / 9:02 am

      Thank you! I am trying to be mindful that it is there summer holidays too and they need time to relax and wind down just as much as me. The Kiddie showings are so much fun!

  3. 25th July 2017 / 7:46 pm

    Great iist and ideas – will be useful when my girl is older. I am always stuck for ideas with my girl!

    • 26th July 2017 / 9:00 am

      I always struggle during the holidays. last year I decided to write my what’s on during school holiday guides which gave me the kick I needed to get out and about!

    • 26th July 2017 / 8:59 am

      Thank you! Once the ideas were flowing the boys couldn’t stop but it did take awhile to get them to sit to write it! I am sure your 10 activities will be just as fun!

  4. 25th July 2017 / 10:05 pm

    Ahh man I love the sims! Some lovely ideas on here 🙂 S and I wrote one too but she’s too young still to fully understand! ox

    • 26th July 2017 / 8:59 am

      Thank you! I must admit it was a task in itself to get the boys to sit long enough to write one. Once the ideas were flowing I struggled to keep up! I am sure you will have a great time ticking off your items on your list 🙂 X

  5. 26th July 2017 / 10:11 am

    wow what a list! I dont think I could do so much haha!

  6. 26th July 2017 / 11:47 am

    So many suggestions and they all sound a lot of fun.
    If you do get to the cinema, Despicable Me 3 is so funny.
    It’s a great idea to have the children write their ideas down too ?

  7. 6th August 2017 / 12:44 pm

    Blimey! Big list!!! You will be busy! Thanks for sharing.

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