Wicksteed Park

School holidays can sometimes be a bore. you want to do something but just have no idea what? Last week we took the boys to Wicksteed Park. I had never been before and I was just as excited as the boys! With the picnic packed we double checked the route and then quickly checked the weather. The weather wasn’t on our side there was a risk of rain from around 1pm the rest of the day was looking a little gloomy.

The drive to Kettering was really easy from Peterborough we made great time and arrived at the park for 10.30am. We were given wristbands in exchange for the review so went to guest services to collect them. Inside Guest services is an ATM machine (I believe it is the only one in park) which charges £1.80 for withdrawals. The couple in guest services were really lovely and welcoming. There is a board behind the desk which tells you if any of the rides were closed. So it is worth a quick stop when you arrive to check for closures.

wicksteed park

Sorry about the quality of the photo.

After guest services and all wristbanded up we headed off to have a quick look around. The park is huge! and not only does it have rides, cafes etc but there is also a train, Motte and Bailey, Arboretum and an Amphitheatre. I will warn  you we were there for over 6 hours and didn’t see it all!


The variety of rides at the park is great! There is literally something for everyone, Arthur is just about 0.9metres and he had a good amount of rides he could go on (with an adult/older child). I was a little apprehensive to be honest thinking they’re may not be a lot he could do. We were pleasantly surprised. Oliver was between 1 and 1.1 metres so although he could go on a few more rides than Arthur he was a little too short for others. Jack however had his pick of pretty much the lot! Some required another adult to be with him but overall there was something for everyone.


Around the park are several cafes all serving a selection of hot and cold meals, ice creams and drinks. We packed our own lunches and brought a hot drinks whilst we were there. The prices of the drinks were reasonable

Refreshments at Wicksteed Park

As we didn’t need to go into a café I did pop in to one to gather some of their prices, you can pick a meal up for under £5 per person. For an attraction it isn’t a lot and the portions that I saw looked to be a decent amount!


Walking around the park there are plenty of refreshment stands you won’t go hungry or thirsty. As you enter the park via the main entrance there is a row of gift shops (beware the sweet shop! The boys instantly saw that one!) The main park area isn’t overrun with stands etc. There is a motorbike track which has 3 bikes (which are £1 each).

The boys loved this! Although only 2 bikes were working and they didn’t last long they did really really enjoy using them. Nearly 2 weeks on and they still have fond memories of this ride!

In the Arena there are some fair stands such as hook a duck and Lobster Pots. All these cost extra roughly £3 per game.

Also, on some of the main rides there is the opportunity to buy photos which are taken as you are on the ride. Whilst we were there not all the photo booths were open. I was expecting the prices to be high but was actually pleasantly surprised to see how reasonable they are!

So much more

There is no entry fee in Wicksteed Park. You don’t have to buy a wristband you can buy ticket books instead. To go on each ride you need to use X amount of tickets per person. But if you don’t want to go on the rides it doesn’t mean there is nothing for you to do! Wicksteed Park also has a big playground which is free to enter. There are no charges or restrictions in place. Completely free!

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  1. Hayley f
    25th April 2017 / 9:39 am

    Your post caught my eye as i live 5 minutes from wicksteed park. Its something thats on your doorstep but don’t really go to. Even if you don’t go on the rides you can still have a great day out there. x

    • 25th April 2017 / 10:42 am

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! We had so much fun when we came for a visit I think it is definitely going back on the list for the summer. Your lucky to have it on your doorstep!

  2. Sue Hooe
    25th April 2017 / 1:10 pm

    Our family absolutely love Wicksteed Park. My mum who is 80 this year, used to go on Sunday school outings there when there was just the train and the watersplash rides.My sister and I have been going since we were little and so have our children . We had a wonderful visit last summer with my daughter and neice both heading off to their first year at Uni! Picnic, ride on the train, watersplash, fab day out. It is not outrageously expensive and as you say,plenty of free things to do. The new attractions such as the meerkats and the climbing wall are great as well.

  3. Faith Gooder
    6th May 2017 / 10:41 am

    I live quite near to Wicksteed Park and have now enjoyed taking three generations of my family to ” Wickies” Sometimes we buy tickets for the rides, but very often we just go to the free playground, the little ones love trying out their musical skills on the tubes. I haven’t seen those anywhere else, they are great, and the free playground is excellent with something for all age groups. The walk round the boating lake is lovely. There are not many places that you can take a family for full day out, and if you take your own picnic, spend very little eg. ice creams etc. or nothing at all, but at Wicksteed you certainly can.

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