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I think everybody has this one thing that reminds them of summer. For me it is going to my local Pick your own farm. It’s not really officially summer until the harvest is ripe and the farm is open to the public. I have lived in Peterborough all of my life and it has only been the last couple of years that I have known about this little gem. Hill Farm Pick Your Own is on the outskirts of Peterborough just passed Alwalton. It is on a bend and then at the top of a fairly steep hill. You may remember I posted last year about going to pick our own pumpkins.

Hill Farm Pick your own

I would just like to start by saying, crop and prices changes daily so it really is important to ring 01733 233270 before you set off.

Hill Farm Pick Your Own

Hill Farm Pick your own has a variety of different crops available to pick. Early in the season they are, Strawberries and gooseberries and then as the other crop ripens they are then introduced. At the height of the season these are normally available;

  • Strawberries (Early Jun-Aug)
  • Gooseberries, (Early June – Mid July)
  • Raspberries, (there are 2 types so the harvest is available late June – mid October)
  • Blackcurrants (Early July – Early Aug)
  • Red Currants (Late June – Mid Aug)
  • Blackberries (Mid July – Late Sept)
  • Plums (Mid Aug – Early Sept)
  • Sweetcorn (Early Sept – Mid Oct)
  • Pumpkin and (October)
  • Squashes  (October)

When you arrive at Hill Farm you will need to nip to the shop counter to request your container. You are welcome to bring your own but the staff will need to weigh it so they can deduct the weight of the final amount.

Once you have your containers you are then directed to the appropriate field that has the crop you want to pick. Be prepared for uneven ground and if it has been raining be prepared for lots of mud. There has never been a more appropriate time for wellies!


The boys absolutely loves playing at the park at Hill Farm. There are plenty of picnic benches dotted around the edge of the park which is perfect to enjoy the Carrot Cake you can buy at the shop! I can totally recommend the cake! There are also toilets available and a great farm shop to buy ready picked produce as well as those imported from other local farms.


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  1. 27th June 2017 / 11:39 am

    So glad I’ve seen this post! Reminds me to take the kids strawberry picking. I left it too late last year and we missed it x

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