Pumpkin Picking – Our Family Tradition

Pumpkin Picking – Family Tradition

The boys all finished their first half term of the school year so to celebrate we went pumpkin picking. We have been going every year for about 3 years to pick our pumpkins ready to carve. We normally go quite late in the season (As in 2 days before Halloween) and there isn’t much left.

Our Pumpkin Patch is Hill Farm Pick your own. There is a great selection of different produce to pick as well as some already picked.

Our Adventure started with the Pumpkin trail!



The witch told us what to do! and how we can find the Pumpkins.

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This year there are soo many more pumpkins! The boys loved running around finding which pumpkins they wanted to pick.

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After picking the pumpkins the boys took them to the wheelbarrow so we can go and pay for them.


This year the farm had a really good display of pumpkins. If you needed ideas on how to design less traditional pumpkins then they had some great ideas. In particular I love their Nemo and Dory ones.


The farm shop is great! So many different varieties of squashes and pumpkins and other seasonal veg were available to buy. Along with handy tips on how to get the best of your vegetable. What dishes they work really well in as well as some recipe guides too.



We travel to Hill Farm regularly and often enjoy spending hours here. The play park is great (take some waterproofs as it can get muddy) We were pretty gutted to miss the end of the sweetcorn season I was hoping to be able to pick a few more cobs before it finished.

People are often surprised we have this gem so close to our city! We love it! and we will be back!

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