Pumpkin picking and trail – Hill Farm pick your own

Pumpkin picking is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. We started to go a few years back and would leave it to the very last minute so our pumpkin was fresh. We noticed this year that there were more families. Which is great!

This year Hill Farm introduced a themed trail. They hadn’t done this before (Well that I noticed anyways)

Pumpkin trail

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Pumpkin Picking

20161021_154418 Pumpkin Picking 20161021_154546 20161021_154603 20161021_154621-1 20161021_154631 20161021_154744 20161021_154756 20161021_154910 20161021_154949 20161021_155123


Farm Shop

20161021_160007 20161021_155801



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