“Mum, What’s that in the plug?” – Hair loss care tips!

I’ll be honest after giving birth to Jack and Oliver my hair loss was very minimal if none at all. I don’t remember loosing much and certainly not the clumps I am now. The NHS (National Health Service) says “50% of women lose more hair than usual after they’ve given birth*”. Arthur turned 3 in November and since I was around 5 months pregnant my hair has take a right battering. More often than not I am de-clogging the plug hole with my loose hair.

I have also noticed it has become a lot thinner than it was Pre-children and certainly not as healthy as it has been. All I need to do is run my hand though my hair and every time hair will come away from my scalp. Okay, so it may not be major problem yet and I do not have visible bald patches. But if I didn’t do anything about it soon then it would become an issue. Thankfully if the worse is to happen then there is getting a Hair Transplant.

My Top tips for improving hair

  1. When putting your hair up and using a hair band, tie it loose and not tight. The tighter the band the higher the pressure on the hair by your scalp.
  2. Try not to use hair products which are labelled intensive. More often than not they contain heavy ingredients which can weigh down your hair adding pressure.
  3. Also, try not to over wash your hair as it can become weaker.
    1. Dying, heating and rolling can also damage your hair too.
  4. Some people say that using shampoo/conditioners that state it adds volume helps too. They contain proteins which help encourage regrowth.
  5. Frequent hair cuts. Sounds odd especially for hair loss but having a trim every 6-8 weeks helps to get rid of damaged hair and encourage regrowth.
  6. Try not too worry about it. If you think you have a problem with hair loss that is beyond what you think is normal then talk to your GP.

As I mentioned before if you have lost a lot of hair and self conscious then you can always opt for a Hair Transplant. A revolutionary new treatment which uses donor hair (taken from you) and repositioned where it is needed most.


*Statistic taken as a quote from http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/hairloss/Pages/Womenandhairloss.aspx

*This is a sponsored post*

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  1. 10th January 2017 / 11:17 pm

    Our plug hole is always full of hair 😐 gross! Some great tips that I’ll have to try and remember 🙂 ox

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