Casting Spells With The Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand

One of the best things about being a mum is sitting and introducing your favourite films to your children. Harry Potter is one of those films and I was desperate for one of the boys to like it! Thankfully 2 out of 3 of them did, and every weekend for the next 8 weeks we sat and watched them all. Jack and Arthur loved it! Oliver, not so much. When we were asked to review the new interactive Wizard Training Wands I knew instantly that this maybe thing to entice Oliver over to the magical side. He loves interactive toys and being able to role play some of the spells may just spark his interest.

I first saw the wands when I went to BlogOn earlier on in the year. They were a new toy and it got everybody excited! I couldn’t wait to have a go and learn to cast spells.

Wizard Training Wand

When the wand arrived, Arthur instantly knew who’s it belonged to Lord Voldermort. Of course this sparked Oliver’s interest more, knowing he could be the “baddy”. There are 4 wands to collect; Harry Potter’s wand, Hermione’s dragon heartstring wand, the Elder Wand wielded by Albus Dumbledore and our one, Lord Voldermort.

Wizard Training Wand

The wand has 6 buttons. There is the main cast button which is used when casting the spell. Press and hold the cast button, then draw the spell pattern and then release the button. The other 5 buttons are used to choose which mode you want to play. Our favourites are the Spell training Mode, Training Mode and Free Play.

Spell Training!

The whole idea of the Wizard Training Wands is to practice your magic, learn the spells and then take on your friends in a the duel mode. The wand senses your movements which helps immerse yourself into all the fun! Jack was the only one to sit and open the Spell Training Guide. A guide which shows how to cast each spell. There are a total of 11 to learn; Locomotor, Finite incantatem, incendio, ventus, arresto momentum, mimblewimble, alohomora, wingardium leviosa, revelio, meteolojinx, tarantallegra. He spent ages on spell training mode practising the spells.

Wizard Training Wand

Jack loved playing with this, I mean super loved it! We couldn’t test out the duelling options as we only had 1 wand. However Arthur is keen to get one too, he has his eye on the Harry Potter wand! The only thing I ought to mention is that Jack found the wand kind of awkward to hold due to the little bit at the bottom. He is left handed and because of which he couldn’t comfortably hold and press down on all the buttons. This is the only wand out of the collection with the added bit at the bottom. It didn’t stop him from playing!

Wizard Wand Training

*We were sent the wand in exchange for the review





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