Water play with BigJigs Toys

Ever since the boys were babies they have loved water! When they were younger I used to just fill a tub of water and placed it on towels in the living room. As they got older we moved to water trays outside! But more often than not their favourite place is the bath! They can spend hours in there and with the new BigJigs Toys I can’t say I blame them!

BigJigs Water Toys


BigJigs Toys have sent us 2 toys for the boys to play with. The Seaplane and Sand and water mill. Both of the toys would be fantastic in outdoor play, however my boys love spending their time in the bath! So that’s where they have ended up!

The sand and water mill


What the boys loved most about The Gowi Toys Sand and Water mill was the ability to close of the funnel! It meant they could fill right to the top and then open the funnel up! They loved watching the water gush out and move the cogs. The Sand and Water mill is made by Gowi Toys and designed in Austria. There is over 190 years of toy making history and each and every one of their toys are BPA free and hard wearing. So although plastic, it will last and can be passed on! So when we have finished playing with it and the boys outgrow we will pass onto their cousins.

The Seaplane


My favourite toy from BigJigs is the Green Toys Seaplane. It is big and chunky and can stay afloat! Arthur loved playing with it in the bath and when we took it outside it was perfect for our tuff tray. Now what I love about the Seaplane is that it is made using recycled plastic milk bottles! It is also non-toxic, contains no BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings!


I am always trying to be more conscious about what I buy. With the topic of plastic pollution being on the rise it is important everyone looks into what they are buying. These toys despite being plastic are built to last!


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