A Taste of the Caribbean with Turtle Bay Peterborough

When an email landed in my inbox asking if I would like to attend the VIP evening at the new Turtle Bay Peterborough store I couldn’t refuse. I have only tried Caribbean food once and that was a few years ago! so I was excited to be able to try some more. I invited my sister, fellow blogger Tasha at Mummy and Moose to come with me as my plus 1. On the run up to night both Tasha and I became a little nervous, neither one of us had attended a vip night before and we had no idea what to expect.Turtle bay Peterborough

Turtle Bay Peterborough!

Situated in the city centre, Turtle Bay promises to bring the Caribbean to the heart of our city! First impressions of Turtle Bay Peterborough are pretty impressive! The outside certainly doesn’t live up to the expectations of what is inside. You walk in and one of the first things you notice is the bar. Modelled on the type of beach shack you may find on holiday in the Caribbean it is the heart and soul of the restaurant. Looking around the restaurant I noticed how some of the décor was just repurposed items. Such as the half oil drum barrels now being used as ceiling light shades, or the baskets which are aligned on the ceiling giving you lots of colour!

Turtle Bay Peterborough

Each and every staff member welcomed us and offered us drinks. They were just as excited to show us the Turtle Bay experience as we were to experience it. I want to say a special thanks to Tapiwa, Anna and Nut man. Nut man spent the entire evening making sure we had plenty of Jamaican Jerk Nuts. All 3 of them were really warm and welcoming.

The Drinks

I loved the way the soft drinks were presented in the glass bottles. Priced at 3.60 at first I thought it was a little steep but the glass bottles fit around 2.5 glasses of drink in. Other than the peanut butter smoothie my favourite had to be Ginger Beer. Growing up my dad and I both liked ginger  beer and we like it strong! Most places tend to taste the same but the ginger beer here is handmade and you can taste the kick! I can totally recommend it.

There are over 40 different Caribbean rums to choose from and used to create quite an extensive cocktail menu. Which by the way are all on a 241 during Happy Hour (11.30am-7pm and then from 10pm).

Turtle Bay Peterborough

Passion Rum Punch



The Menu

Having a few friends which are either vegetarian or vegan I thought I would see how well catered they would be. The menu uses a key (V=Vegetarian, VE = Vegan, GF = Gluten Free, VEO = Vegan Option, GFO = Gluten Free Option) There are a lot of options available and they wouldn’t go hungry. The menu itself is quite extensive too and there is something for everyone. You can find the menu here.

There is a children’s menu available to order from and high chairs available. I think the layout of the restaurant may make it difficult to manoeuvre a push chair/wheelchair round but the staff are great and I am sure they will be welcoming to all. There is also a baby changing unit which is placed in the disabled loo.

Turtle Bay Peterborough

The food!

Tasha and I were treated to a set menu. It included a Jerk Platter, Vegetarian platter, Jerk Chicken, Goat Curry and rice and peas, and then a dessert platter.

The photos do not show justice to how good this was.  I was expecting to be hit with a lot of hot spicy food but it was manageable, especially with the help of my smoothie!

The food tasted great and we are both looking forward to coming back for another visit once it opens on Sunday 25th June!

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