Travall Car Guard

I think it is pretty obvious from my blog that as a family we love camping. There is literally nothing more we love than setting up camp and exploring wherever we are staying. Having 3 children we upgraded the car a few years back to a huge 7 seater. It wasn’t until we tried packing for a camping trip we realised actually how small it was. To be fair to the car it is everything we need and more for local trips, days out and just town driving. But, packing for a few nights away camping and ALL the added extras we need it no longer feels big. Last year we invested in a roof box to help ease the load in the boot but we were still having to pack around the kids.

Travall Guard

A few years back I watched this video online of unsecure objects being flung forward in a crash. It scared the living daylights out of me. So when packing the children I was cautious of what was on top in the boot. A few of our trips were trial and error and in the end we decided to stop packing the boot full and restrict what we take. Recently a company got in touch with us asking if we would review their product Travall Guard. Traditionally used as a guard for pets we would use it for camping.

Travall Guard

Travall Guard

Each Travall Guard is custom made fit specifically to the car. So we emailed back with our car details and a couple of days later it arrived. I waited for Mark to get home from work to fit it within the car. But, it looked super easy that I probably could have done it without him.

Travall Guard

Within about 10 minutes it was fully fitted and we were ready to go. The only piece of equipment we needed to provide was the screwdriver. I was surprised that we didn’t have to remove anything major and we didn’t have to drill either.

So much safer

Although we still don’t overpack the boot, knowing that in an emergency nothing is going to be flung forwards is reassuring. It has given us a sense of security and I love that. Mark is impressed with the quality and ease of fitting and the boys think they’re behind bars. So I think it is safe to say everyone is a winner!

Travall Guard

The Travall Guard is available through their website, and our one would have cost £145. The price is dependant on the make and model of the car. You can also buy other Travall products such as the boot liner (which Mark really wants!) and a divider. The Divider would be perfect for families who have pets as it separates the boot in half.


*We Were sent the Travall Guard in exchange for an honest review


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