Going wild for Schleich Dinosaurs!

Over the past couple of the weeks, Oliver and Arthur seem to be really getting into their dinosaurs again! Jurassic World was playing on the TV and I think that may have re-sparked their love for them again. It couldn’t have come at a better time as this week is also the release of the latest Jurassic World movie, something we can’t wait to go and see!

Schleich Dinosaurs

The boys were recently sent 3 dinosaurs from Schleich from their latest 2018 range of Dinosaurs. The T-Rex, Dinogorgon and Psittacosaurus arrived and were an instant hit with the boys. Oliver and Arthur especially couldn’t wait to get their hands on them and go off and play. A few hours later I was finally given the opportunity to have a look at them my self and it was then I could see the sheer amount of detail in each dinosaur. Every Schleich figurine is handpainted too!

Dinogorgon Schleich Dinosaur

The latest Schleich Dinosaurs also features new designs and poses and some models have moveable features. The T-Rex has moveable jaws so they can now open and close! Oliver absolutely loved this and the T-Rex kept eating the Psittacosaurus. It has certainly increased the number of learning opportunities for the boys having the movable features. We were able to discuss what the dinosaurs would have eaten and Arthur was convinced that the T-Rex would have eaten daisies.

T-Rex eating Psittacosaurus Schleich Dinosaurs

The Schleich dinosaurs range in price from £7.99 all the way to £99.99 for a Volcano playset.



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