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Picture the scene you have woken up late. The children are not listening and are running around half naked. In your best mummy way you feed them, clean them and dress them! all with 2 minutes to spare. You throw on yesterdays clothes in the hope no one from the school run will notice and quickly make a brew. This is where the reusable bamboo cup comes in!

Sweetness and Pea

I received my cup from Sweetness and Pea and couldn’t wait to try it! My boys decided 5am was a great time to wake up, play and poop! I could have thought of a hundred and one better things I would much rather do. But nope! waking up wasn’t one of them. Fortunately for me though my reusable bamboo cup arrived!

Sweetness and Pea

Sweetness and Pea is an online shop which specialises in reusable products to help reduce waste. It started in 2015 after using cloth nappies on her own little boy Leo. Becky’s aim is simple “To provide parents with beautiful baby products that have a positive effect on the environment” and all the products which are stocked in her shop are “either Eco-Friendly, Ethically manufactured or are made from Organic products – some are all 3!”

Becky also runs a Facebook group which is a fab way for her to share stock updates and new stuff!! It was through her Facebook group I first found out about these great Bamboo Cups!

Bamboo Cups

The bamboo cups are made from a mix of bamboo and corn starch and sealed with a bamboo screw lid. Not some silicone lid but bamboo making it the one of a kind. The cups are heavier than what i would have expected and they retain the heat better than most of the plastic varieties. Each cup can hold 13oz of liquid (which is equivalent to a Starbucks Tall) and also comes with a sleeve to help hold the cup whilst hot. I must admit though that it was still really hot to touch even with the added sleeve! Hot drinks can stay relatively hot for up to 4 hours! Which if your busy or have jobs to do it doesn’t matter too much if you forget your drink as it will still be drinkable when you remember. The cup is dishwasher safe (saving even more time!) but can not be used in a microwave. You don’t want to burn it! The cup and lid are both really easy to clean too with soapy water.

I don’t think there is much more that I can add. It really is a great cup and if you are conscientious about the environment then it is more than ideal! The designs are all really funky and colourful.

The Bamboo cups cost £12.95 and you can reward points to use towards future purchases.


*I was given the cup as a gift and loved it so much I decided to write about it, All thoughts are my own*



  1. 27th Mar 2017 / 8:21 pm

    Ohhh, this is so cute! I need one! x

  2. 27th Mar 2017 / 8:22 pm

    Ooh, this looks lovely! Such a pretty design!

  3. 27th Mar 2017 / 8:36 pm

    Great for the environment – we always use our thermos one for tea when we go to football matches. Drinks are such a rip off and if you add up all the drinks you buy in a week, month and year you will save loads. I am just tight!!!

    mandy x

  4. 27th Mar 2017 / 8:48 pm

    I’ve a plastic travel mug and I must admit drinking from plastic always worries me. This would be a great option.

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