Summer reading with Readly

When we go camping we pretty much take everything bar the kitchen sink! Our boot is rammed full and space is very much a premium. I love to read but more often than not I am having to decide which magazine to bring as we don’t have space for many. If I take too much I end up taking more space that could be used for something else not enough, I run out and have nothing else to read. However recently I was introduced to Readly.

Readly is an app which contains thousands of magazines such as OK!, Hello, Take a Break, Vogue as well as top mags for men and kids to choose from! Through a monthly subscription you can share the app with family and read on up to 5 different devices at once. After downloading the app, I was super excited to make use of it on our camping trip!

Reading with Readly


Last year there were over 13 million magazines read via the Readly app. There are over 1000 UK magazine titles as well as over 2000 from other countries! There is pretty much a magazine for everyone and every moment! We decided to put that to the test on our recent camping trip! All of us have a very different taste when it comes to our favourite magazines. Magazines can be read straight away or you can download up to 500 to read at a later time. Downloading the magazine means you don’t need access to the internet. Which as a camping family is perfect for us!


Camping with Readly

I love nothing more than reading real life magazines such as Real People and Pick me up! Not only were the latest issues available to read but so were the past ones, meaning I could download a batch and have a good old reading session! Mark is really into his music but at nearly £5 for just one of his favourite magazines he doesn’t indulge too often! The app is £7.99 a month and just with my favourites and his magazine we have saved money! That isn’t including Jack and Oliver!


The boys really love playing Minecraft! We used to collect the Ultimate Unofficial Minecraft magazines for Jack and he loved sitting and reading them and then putting his new found knowledge to use when playing. However we were soon having magazines clogging up everywhere so we cancelled our subscription. Of course, with the app we don’t have the issue! I made sure to download a range of children’s magazines such as Minecraft but I was also able to download a few new ones for them too. Due to the huge variety of choices available we found some new favourite titles to add to our collection. Jack really enjoyed reading the National Geographic Kids magazines and Mark also enjoyed reading Rock Sound. 

You can currently sign up for a 14 day trial to Readly by clicking here.


*This is a collaborative post with Readly


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