Playmobil Children’s Play Ground 5024 Review

Jack was around 2 when he played with his first Playmobil toy! It was Mark’s from when he was child and his mum had kept a bundle in the attic. It was one of those toys that Mark was really excited to pass onto his children. Throughout the years we have amassed quite a collection including items over 30 years old. It seems to have overtaken our playroom and we even have a box in our living room too. The thing is though, Playmobil is played with every, single, day by not just one of the boys but all 3!

Playmobil Children's Play Ground 5024

We were recently sent a Playmobil Children’s Playground for the boys to review. Knowing just how much the boys love playing I knew it was going to be an instant hit and I wasn’t wrong. As soon as Arthur walked through the door the set was being played with and he didn’t stop until bedtime.

Playmobil Children’s Playground

Playmobil Children's Play Ground 5024 The Children’s Playground is a big set which includes a lot of accessories. It isn’t recommended to children under 3 due to the small pieces. The Playground is made up of 2 slides, a swing, a skateboard ramp, a chair carousel as well a bench, BBQ and food! As well as all of those items it comes with 9 figures too including a baby in a pushchair. For the boys it was perfect!

Playmobil Children's Play Ground 5024

The whole set was super quick to put together too! and it doesn’t require batteries either. There are a few small items that could get lost easily however we pop them into a zip lock bag to store them all in. It is super helpful when it comes to setting up play too as the bags are see through! I love the attention to detail there is in the set too such as the squirrels in the tree and the butterfly. I also love the BBQ set up! That’s the thing with Playmobil the play is pretty limitless and if your children are anything like mine, then your guaranteed hours of play!

The set is available from Smyths Toy Store.

Playmobil Children's Play Ground 5024

*We were sent the Playmobil Children’s Playground in exchange for our review. All photos and opinions are my own.


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