LG CJ45 720 Watt Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth

When Mark and I first met I knew music played a big part of his life. He loved telling me all about the gigs he went too and the bands he loved. His type of music however is best played loud! I mean who wants to listen to the likes of MisFits, Rammstein and Alestorm quietly. After being in need of a new HiFi Ao.com sent us a new one.

LG CJ45 720 Watt Hi-Fi System

The LG CJ45 720 Watt Hi-Fi System comes with 2 speakers and sub woofer. It is a lot bigger than we anticipated, usually we place our Hi Fi within our Kallax unit. However the main unit doesn’t fit inside of it, so we have had to place on top. The speakers can nearly fill an entire cube and looks super impressive!

The LG CJ45 720 Watt Hi-Fi System also connects via Bluetooth! Mark has so much of his music stored on his phone and he usually has to plug it in using a lead. However now he can stream his music wireless and it also means he can change tracks wherever he is in the house. I also like to play tricks on him and change it midway! He hates that!


There are so many great functions, I particularly love the Karaoke Star. It can remove the vocals of pretty much most of the songs and by plugging a mic into the system you can sing along. Great for the girls night in, or annoying mark and the boys with my tone deaf singing. However it also features Pitch Correction, so I don’t sound to bad!

Reliving the old days

Mark hasn’t been to a gig in years! It has always been on our list to do whenever a favourite band is touring. But money and children mean very little time to do things we enjoy. The LG CJ45 720 Watt Hi-Fi System has 720 Watts of power and thanks to the sub woofer you can feel the beats of the bass. Just like standing near a speaker in a packed concert.


So as well as the Bluetooth, you can also connect using USB. There are 2 slots available to use and because it can play MP3 you can listen to your music for literally hours! There is a fab AutoDJ feature which blends the songs seamlessly together too.

The LG CJ45 720 Watt Hi-Fi System also picks up FM Radio so unlike Mark and his love for CD’s, I can listen to my love of Radio 4 and their plays.


The Hi Fi has been in constant use since we received it. We have pretty much been able to use most of the functions without any issues. Mark is impressed with the sound quality and his happy he can play some of his super old Cd’s without the sound being affected.

*WE were sent the Hi Fi in exchange for our review


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