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There is nothing quite like sitting around an open fire relaxing in the evening. Especially after spending the day running around children, putting up tents and generally getting a little too stressed keeping everybody happy. The one thing I really couldn’t wait to do was to just sit outside in the evening with a lovely glass of wine.

We were sent a selection of different sized Gardeco Swedish torches from to review and take with us camping. To say I was excited was a big understatement. Mark and I had never been camping with the kids and we were also going with his dad (a seasoned pro!) I couldn’t wait to show off the torches.

Gardeco Swedish Torches

Gardeco Swedish Torches

The Gardeco Swedish Torches come is 2 different sizes Small and Large in 2 different types of wood Birch and Alder. The burning time varies depending on which size torch you choose. The small ones burn approx. 1 hour whereas the large ones burn for just over 2 hours.

Each log is cut into a shape of a cross and within the log is an organic firelighter to make the log burn from the inside out. Which Mark loved! He was surprised that he could pick the torch up whilst it was alight! Although I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that!! Everything is contained within the torch too so other than small embers that you would expect from wood burning, everything stays together. No broken pieces.

Gardeco Swedish Torches

Lighting the Torch

Lighting the torch was probably the most trickiest part. We tried using a lighter but it was having none of it! and we tried sticking matches in but they were a little small. So, instead Mark sat next to it with a burning birthday candle to light it. It took several attempts and the wind was certainly not on our side but we did get there! And once lit it was beautiful! Absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. We invested in one of those lighters with the long ends that you use for lighting gas cookers with. As that worked a treat for our next one!

The video shows Mark lighting the torch (with our birthday candle) and once it took hold that was it. There is no need to use a Chiminea or FirePit either as it doesn’t leave a mark. We chose to use a couple of bricks to just create a more secure ground. Once we removed the burnt out torch the bricks were unmarked too. There was literally no evidence of us even using one.

Where to buy

You can buy Gardeco Swedish Torch from ChimineaShop. Currently on offer for only £29.97 for 3 small it is great value too!

*We were sent a selection of various sizes for the purpose of this review. All photos and opinions are my own*

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