FooBot Air Quality Monitor

In general as a family we are in pretty good health. Out of the entire family I am the only one to really suffer but even then it isn’t a lot. I have Hay fever and some allergies which in turn can affect my breathing. This is where the Foobot Air Quality Monitor comes into play. We were sent the unit for review.

FooBot  Air Quality Monitor

FootBot Air Quality Monitor

The Foobot is a pretty nifty gadget that is connected to our household wi-fi. It monitors the air quality and can also control other devices. It is great a making sure our house has the best air quality.

Pollution is the 4th most highest risk factor for death in the whole world! So, it is just as important to ensure we are making the air as clean as we can.

The FootBot unit looks modern and fits within most home styles. The led lighting around the edge turns colour depending on the air quality; blue for good air and Orange for bad. Every morning the boys come downstairs and the first thing they do is check the colour. They know if it is orange then we need to do something about it. More often than not simply opening the windows and getting some fresh air is enough to change it back to blue.

FootBot Air Quality Monitor

As well as the unit itself, you can also download an app to your mobile. For me, this has been really handy and keeping an eye on what is happening. So as well as Carbon Dioxide the Foobot also measures Particulate matter and volatile compounds. Other than the carbon dioxide, I don’t really know much about the 2.

Daily life

When we registered our Foobot we were able to give it name, the boys and I chose Bobby. So he is now known as Bobby the Foobot and the boys love it. Like I mentioned earlier the boys check on it daily and they are aware when it turns orange we need to do something. Most of the time it is because I am cooking, in the early days we were rarely showing blue.

Once Bobby knew about our cooking and cleaning habits it was able to send us a push notification to ask if that was what we were doing. If we wasn’t then it gave us some advice how to reduce the levels, such as opening the window.

FooBot Air Quality Monitor


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