Christmas Lights – Christmas card make and do

One thing I love about Christmas is all the arts and crafts we get up too! I made it my goal this year to try and make more and more. When I saw the Christmas Lights card I thought it seemed easy enough to do.


Chrismas Lights

You don’t need a lot of materials to make the card either so it makes it quick and easy too! All you need is card, a pen, and some paint!

Arthur is 3 so to make it simple for him to do I drew the line and prepared it all for him. He loved choosing his colours and making his lights.

As Jack and Oliver are older I set them the task of folding their card and drawing their own line. Oliver needed a little help with the folding, just to make sure that it was neat enough. Whereas Jack was more than able to complete the fold himself.

Jack decided to make a reoccurring pattern with his cards something he had been learning at school. It became an opportunity for him to practice what he was learning at school. Oliver loved just using the paint. As you can tell from the photos the boys really enjoyed making their Christmas Light cards.

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