My Breastfeeding Journey – National Breastfeeding Week 1-8th August

20131109_200124-1National Breastfeeding Week

I have breastfed all 3 of my boys, Jack was fed for 9 weeks, Oliver 6 weeks and Arthur 2 years 9 months.

I have had highs aswell as some lows too, but to help celebrate National Breastfeeding Week I thought I would share my story of feeding all 3 of my boys!





My labour with Jack was very much a textbook induction. The midwife gave me Jack straight away, we had skin to skin and he latched onto the breast. I remember feeling very self conscious with feeding and really embarrassed to public feed. So I didn’t.

Jack was born 20th August, all 6lb 15oz of him. A few weeks after Jack was born, my beloved Nan was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Mark’s mum looked after him for the day so we could attend the funeral. I couldn’t express so we brought a couple of cartons of ready made formula. He guzzled down the formula, remarkably well for a breastfed baby. He seemed happy and content so decided to switch him over. I admit looking back I was naïve, and I suppose I just liked the ease of handing Jack to a family member and not having the stress and upset of expressing.




Oliver was born September 11th weighing 7lb 5oz. He was 8 days overdue and I went into labour naturally. He latched on the breast really well and fed like a trooper. During pregnancy I developed a condition called Post Nasal Drip.

This is when nasal mucus drips from the back of your nose down your throat. Something nearly 5 years on I still suffer with. I was kind of hoping after birth that it would clear up, but it didn’t.

At our 6 week check the Dr explained the only medication that would help would be Antihistamine/Decongestant which would affect my milk supply. So I was given the choice either; take the medication and be happy or continue to suffer and continuing feeding Oliver myself. Selfishly I chose the medication. It was really playing up and I couldn’t continue feeling the way I was. Unfortunately my symptoms still persisted. I did try to re-lactate at around 3 months old, but I really struggled to keep up with the demands of re-lactating as well as having Jack and Oliver too.




Arthur was born on 9th November,13 days late and induced. He was by far my most scariest labour and my heaviest baby at 71b 13oz. Arthur fed for 40 minutes after birth and latched on really well. I was a lot more confident in myself and there was no problems with feeding.

On Boxing day, we ended up in hospital as Arthur had Bronchiolitis and struggled to stay awake. I think this contributed to a few day of poor latch causing mastitis. A week or so later I remember each feed was getting increasingly painful, with every suck it would feel I was getting stabbed 1000s of times. My breast was bright red, and I was in toe-curling pain and I begged and begged Mark to go and feed him! I had a few ounces of expressed milk and we tried every bottle going to get him to drink from one, but he wouldn’t. Doctors diagnosed Deep Ductal Thrush and he prescribed me with some antibiotics. My gosh it was painful experience! I would not wish that on my worse enemy.

My initial target was 6months, but I cut it down to 4 months, then 5 months soon I was nearing a year and then 2 years and then 2and a half years! I am so incredibly proud of myself for feeding for so long and overcoming that giant barrier at the beginning.

988421_10154764449890104_2676117321319427629_nEnjoy your time feeding your child, because when they wean and you no longer feed those special cuddles are gone, and you long for that moment you had whilst feeding!





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