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Our summer holiday started a day earlier than most other schools so we thought we would make the most of it. We were invited to review the brand new Springfield’s Adventureland which opened on June 30th at Springfield’s Outlet and Leisure shopping centre in Spalding. After spending £1million on building the park Mark and I were keen to see what it is like.

Springfields Adventureland


Springfield’s Adventureland offers various prices for gaining entry. There are different prices for peak and off peak seasons and currently an all inclusive wristband costs £7.95 for children with adults paying £3. If you didn’t want to pay the inclusive price, baring in mind that there is over 50% saving, then you can pay a £3 entrance fee.  We were each given a wristband and the boys were given a passport. Inside the passport there is a page per paid activity. After you have collected 10 stamps you receive free entry.

For prices and what is included

Admission prices at Springfield's Adventureland

The zones

There are 6 different zones within Springfield’s Adventureland; Goldie’s gold mine, treetop walk, Springy’s railroad, JCB young drivers, Dino golf and Springy’s beach. Every single zone was well staffed and the staff always seemed really happy and on the ball.

Goldie’s gold mine

Goldie's Gold Mine at Springfields Adventureland

We spent longer here than I thought we would. The boys loved panning for their own (fools)gold and we loved that we got to keep what they found. There were plenty of bowls and from what we saw 3 sieves. We ended up passing the sieve we were using to smaller children and the boys used their hands. They loved scooping up handfuls of stones and picking the gold out. There is an advertised 15 minute time slot but this didn’t seem to be enforced, probably because it was really quiet. Also, there wasn’t a limit on the amount of gold we were able to take home but when we asked for bags they didn’t have any. We were given napkins to wrap the gold in and the boys didn’t mind.

Treetop walk

Treetop Village at Springfields Adventureland

This was a hit with all of us.  The skynet is basically a very large(12m2) suspended springy net and children between 3-6 needed adult supervision. There are some rules that needed to be followed but the staff explain it all to you. There is also a member of staff on the net too for safety. The boys however had lots of fun running around in circles, and even managed a few jumps too! To gain access to the skynet you go through the entrance to one of the treehouses and climb up a small ladder. Even i was able to get up and onto the net, and I am rather large.

Other than the skynet there is also other treehouses and a treetop walk. Arthur needed a small amount of encouragement to get up to the top, but once there he was absolutely fine and able to walk across easily. The boys spent a long time playing and we even went back to have another go.

Springy’s railway

Springy's Railway Springfields Adventureland

This had me a little confused, advertised is Springy’s Railroad and an Adventureland express train. Springy’s Railway is located within the treetop walk area, however we didn’t come across the land train and couldn’t find it either, it also isn’t listed on the map.

Springy’s Railroad is a small train with a driver. There are several carriages which have 2 seats that face each other. Thankfully jack was happy to sit in his own carriage otherwise we would have had a small problem. The train takes you around the woodland area which have miniature replicas of known places such as abbey. You get to go around twice and all in all lasts a few minutes. It isn’t long but it is a really lovely ride and if it is hot, the breeze is a lovely welcome.

JCB young drivers zone

JCB Young Driver's Zone at Springfields Adventureland

Now let’s face it, when you look at the Adventureland website, or socials it is this area that draws your attention. It did for me. I think i was just as excited as the boys and when we went in, I loved it! Before you get given your JCB ride on you have a safety briefing. The day we visited however we didn’t have one. the member of staff in the hut had said to walk over to the other member of staff where the JCB’s were, but he didn’t say anything. I had to ask if we could take the ride on and he said yes. There are hardhats and high visibility jackets for children to wear, this is of course a replica of a working zone so you need your personal protective equipment.

The boys decided to follow Jack’s lead and didn’t want to wear any of the equipment. That was probably because Jack at first didn’t want to ride on a JCB. I think he was a bit worried he wouldn’t be able to use one as he is nearly 9 and a lot older than the other kids there. However he had nothing to worry about and loved zooming round the road track. For me I loved the attention to detail, the structure in the middle represents a house under construction. You can climb inside and if you can make it to the top (unfortunately Arthur was too small at 100cm) you can slide down. There was also a climbing wall, a construction area with sand and building blocks as well as mechanical diggers.

JCB Young Driver's Zone at Springfields Adventureland

So much Fun

The road system was pretty great and the boys loved making their way round and navigating roundabouts and hills. The member of staff seemed pretty on the ball helping little ones who couldn’t quite go fast enough to get to the top of the hill. There is a fuel station as well as a shop (with tills and play food)

Ride on wise they seemed to be a great selection of scoot along and pedals ones of various heights. For older children (6upwards) they would probably be better with the red ones, which there isn’t many off. The whole zone is timed, but again I think because of how quiet it was it didn’t seem enforced. Within the zone there is also parent seating area which had 3 picnic tables and that was all the official seating provided. Some parents were seating on the edge of the sand areas and others walking around with their children. Despite having a lot of families (it was the busiest zone) it didn’t seem crowded.

There is an entrance to the shop within the zone that sells Springfield’s Adventureland merchandise from as little as £1. You can also get your JCB driving license and have your photo taken for £5 as well as buying ice creams and drinks.

Dino Golf

Dino Golf at Springfields Adventureland

The boys do love a good round of crazy golf. More often than not though they get to hole 9/10 and they start flagging and no longer wanting to play. Thankfully Dino Golf is 9 holes and with dinosaurs peering out the bushes they are kept on their toes! Each of the 9 holes are also accompanied with signs giving facts about the dinosaurs. Dince our visit to Wicksteed Park in the Easter Arthur has really gotten into golf and really enjoys it!

Within the Dino Golf there is also a small pond and motorised boats. It’s £1 a go and you get to steer using a steering wheel, unfortunately we didn’t get to have a go but looks like a lot of fun.

 Springy’s Beach

One of the boys highlights of the day was when they played at Springy’s Beach. Admission into Springy’s Beach is included in the basic entrance cost. The boys loved playing with the water pump and in the sand. The flooring is made using artificial grass. Which I can imagine in the blistering heat it would be rather hot for bare feet. There is plenty of seating right next to the area, but it is also seating for the café too.

Springy’s Diner

The boys started to get hungry so we decided to stop for a bite to eat. Springfield’s outlet and leisure shopping centre have plenty of places to eat, but if you wanted to stay onsite then Springy’s American style diner is your only option. There is plenty of seating inside as well as outside. AS it was a really lovely day we decided we would like to eat outside. So we looked at the menu and gathered what we wanted to eat.

Looking at the kids menu the boys decided to choose the American Style Hot Dog, Oliver chose the skinny sweet potatoes fries and mini corn on the cob, whereas Arthur and Oliver chose the skinny rustic fries. The Kids main meal comes with a choice of either skinny potato fries, skinny rustic fries or jacket potato. You can also choose either beans, mini corn on the cob, garden peas or chunky slaw. Mark and I ordered the plain steak patty with added American cheese with rustic skinny fries and we were both surprised how lovely it was. I was surprised that the children’s meal didn’t include at least include a drink, even if it was just a glass of squash.

The boys loved their meals but I think next time we come we would choose to either make use of one of the other eateries in Springfield’s or bring our own picnic and make use of the bottomeless coffee.

We can’t wait for our next visit and the boys are already planning what they want to do. The passports are a great idea, as long as you remember to bring them with you.

Springfield's Adventureland in Spalding

*We were given unlimited wristbands and complimentary meals at Springy’s Diner in return for an honest and open review.


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