Trying to get back to Meal planning

My relationship with meal planning is a love/hate one for sure. I love the sense of being organised enough to budget, plan and know what we are doing. Whereas on the other hand, I hate how restricted we have become. My family is made up of fussy eaters and it is much easier to cook/prepare the same meals. The thing is I get bored of food really easily. Since trying Veganuary last year I haven’t felt a whole great love of food either. I am hoping that kick starting the meal planning with a few small changes will help us all to love food better.

Reynard Wallets Ladies mini purse - Budgeting for meal planning

Another reason (and probably the main reason) for starting the meal planning up again is budgeting. Recently I have noticed our food shops are costing more and I am finding myself popping to the shop to top up. A few years back I was able to spend roughly £50 a week on a shop for 5 including a baby. The meals were all cooked and prepared with fresh ingredients and we all ate a lot better. Since our butcher closed though I have struggled to find great quality meat at the same sort of price.

This weeks meal planning menu

This week the meals we are having are using pretty much what we already have in the freezer/cupboards. I will have to buy the usual fruit, veg, pack up stuff but the main meals we pretty much already have.


school – Sticky Chicken Drummers

Home – Shepards Pie


school – Mini Sausage & Bacon & Yorkshire Pudding.

Home –  Dippy Eggs and Soldiers


School – Southern Fried chicken

Home -Picnic at Nene Park!


School – Jumbo Fish Finger (The boys will most likely have packed lunch)

Home – Sausage, pasta bake


School – Chicken Fillet in a bun

Home – Homemade Pizza


Lunch – Picnic

Dinner – Homemade Fishcakes


Lunch – Roast Chicken dinner

Dinner – Cheese and Tomato Wraps

There you have it! 

So that is this week’s meal plan. Hopefully, I will be sticking to it and trying to save us some money as we go along. I would love to know what your eating this week, please share and hopefully I can pick up some new ideas for us to try too!

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