My Camping Christmas wishlist

As a family we love camping! There is literally nothing better than packing up the car and going somewhere new. However when we camp we are pretty basic. It is more due to the lack of space we have in the car than anything. After each of our camping trips we come home with a list of items we want to buy or upgrade. I thought writing this wishlist, it would serve as a shopping list of sorts. Camping for us will kick in around May next year and we are already really, really excited!

Our wishlist

Hertford Camping and Caravan Club Site

The main thing we are going to need to get before May is a new tent. Our Bala Air6 was a gift from Mark’s dad for Christmas. It has literally been one of our best presents and it has given us so much! However during our last trip to Hertford Camping and Caravan Club Site we noticed some  mould forming on the roof. When we got home and spread the tent out in the garden to clean it was a little more extensive than first thought.

We did use some specific tent cleaning products on it, but ideally we would love to get a new one. We loved that our tent was an air tent, it made putting it up and taking down a breeze and it even survived the notorious winds at Shell Island! IF we were going to get poles then I have been looking at steel poles rather than fibre glass, they are a little more supportive I feel.

Another thing I would love to upgrade is seating! Nothing really fancy but I would love a more supportive camp chair, maybe an inflatable chair. It would certainly help cut down on some space in the boot. Talking about space in the boot, we have been thinking about buying a trailer. We are both still a little hesitant due to storing it whilst not in use and having to get a tow bar fitted to the car. However it would create a lot more space and we may not even need to use our roof box.


I would also love to invest in some solar chargers! I absolutely love my power banks and without them it would make the blog a lot harder to update. However I am having to take 4/5 with me to make sure I can keep my phone charged for a 3night stay. I would love to get some solar chargers which would make it more environmentally friendly too!


So these are a few of my wants! My wishlist isn’t that long, but as we don’t use electric I don’t need to think about a lot.



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