#Blogtober16 – Day 15 – Timeline of my day

Timeline of my day.

Here is the timeline of our day!

12am-4pm – Pretty much no doubt between these times Arthur would come and join us in bed. We have bed-shared with him since birth and when its cold it is rather nice to have the extra cuddles with him. He we take him to bed each night but recently he has been waking and crying calling out to us.

7am- After months of the boys waking between 5 and 6 they have started to lie in until 7. The boys wake up and one of the first things i ask them to do is to change their underwear, have a wash and to get dressed.

7.30-8.00 – The boys help their selves to breakfast. Whilst they make their breakfast I make Jack and Arthur’s lunch. Oliver has hot dinners at school. I fill their water bottles and check everything is in their bags. I change Arthurs nappy and get him dressed.

8.00-8.15 – We all go and brush our teeth. We get our coats on and we either walk or take the car to school. Lately we have been taking the car but i am trying to make more of an effort to walk. It is just so cold in the morning and currently i don’t own a coat or waterproof boots.

8.15-8.40- So we either walk or take the car in the morning. School gate opens at 8.30, Jack takes himself to his classroom (after a quick kiss and cuddle) and Arthur and I take Oliver into his class. Oliver puts his coat on his peg, water bottle in the basket and his bookbag in his tray. He also has to find his laminated name and pop it in a basket.

During School


8.40-3.00 – We are FREE! I love having the boys at home but lately they have become hard work. They are tired and looking forward to the holidays. Arthur and I take the opportunity to either clean and tidy, play together or do the shopping. More often than not its a mixture of all 3. Sometimes we go and visit friends and family. On a Monday morning we attend a lovely baby group. We have been going for nearly 3 years and Arthur loves it. We also have a day dedicated to the Nappy library, we book the clients in on that day or i sit and do admin work.

3.00-3.15- Boys finish at 3.15 so we go and pick them up from school.

3.15-3.30 – It takes about 15 minutes to get home, boys are normally tired and grouchy so they grab a snack and go off to play. Jack reads his book and if he has homework he sits and does it.

4.00- Mark and I make a start on dinner so its ready for either 4.45 or 5.

5- Sit down for dinner. We all sit around the table and we talk about our day.

6.30- Arthur goes to bed,

7.00- Oliver goes to bed

7.30- Jack goes to bed

9.00- Mark and I go to bed!


Is this similar to your day? What do you get up to?




  1. 15th October 2016 / 1:29 pm

    Ahh! I am so glad my girls love their sleep now….On a weekend they will happily sleep until about 10am….
    It sounds like you have a good routine.

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