Ready Camp stay at West Runton Camping and Caravan Site

I think it is safe to say that we have caught the glamping bug. We love camping but the ease of arriving at the site with everything is too much of a good thing to pass. We are already really familiar with the Camping and Caravanning Club sites but up until recently we had only ever seen their Ready Camp tents from the outside.

Ready Camp at West Runton Camping and Caravan Site

Ready Camp

Packing for a trip to a Ready camp is a lot more different than when you go camping. For one thing you need a lot less stuff, everything is pretty much there ready for you. All you need to bring is Clothes, towels, bedding and of course food plus any entertainment you may want. For us we spent most evenings teaching and playing Uno with the boys. When Mark and I first discussed camping with the boys a couple of years back the idea of being able to go away for the weekend really appealed to us. In reality the thought of not arriving at the camp site until 6-7pm and then having to pitch up a tent and set up camp put us off the idea.

We picked the boys up from school and started the 2 hour journey to West Runton. The journey was pretty straight forward and we arrived a little after 6pm. We parked at the barrier and I popped into the site reception to find out which ready camp we were staying in. As usual when staying at a Camping and Caravan site we were shown to our pitch by one of the site team on their bike. As soon as we pulled up outside the tent, the boys asked to go to the park. Thankfully it was right behind the row of Ready Camp tents, so we were able to let them run of some energy whilst we unpacked.

Inside the Ready Camp tent

Ready Camp West Runton Camping and Caravan Site

I must admit after looking at the photos online I was expecting the inside to be bigger. It was still spacious enough for us, but thought it would be worth a mention. Inside was pretty much everything we needed for our stay, even camping chairs to sit on and relax in the evenings. There were even things we didn’t actually realised we needed like egg cups! After all our non electric hook up camping adventures this was a complete gamechanger. Mark’s favourite was the full under-counter fridge with small freezer compartment. The weekend we went camping just so happened to be one of the hottest ones! So having that available was simply amazing.

Other than all the cutlery, plates, pots and pans there was also camping chairs, sofa (With rug) and a water container, dish washing bucket and brush and mop. It was perfect for what we intended our stay to be, simply relaxing and basic.

Out and about on site

After we unpacked and had dinner we decided to take a walk around the campsite. Just to the back of the row of ready camp tents was the drinking water tap. There was also a big playpark, certainly the biggest we had come across. The amenities block was also really close too. On the campsite there are 2 blocks, East Block and West Block. East Block being our closest, and the closest to the Ready Camp tents. During our stay the Family Room was out of order, ordinarily this would have been an issue. More due to the fact we would have to squeeze the boys into shower cubicles and one of us would have 2 of them.

Shower cubicles were big!

However the shower cubicles were big! We easily managed to wash and dress 2 children in them, Mark mentioned the men’s were just as big. There was ample shower cubicles and toilets, as well as the single wash basin cubicles too. It was slightly weird to find one wash basin with soap to 7 toilets, I would have expected there to be more. Or at least soap in some of the wash basin cubicles (there wasn’t any, and nothing in place to suggest there was going to be). The showers are operated by push button which lasts 15 seconds or so, can be frustrating but the water is a lovely temperature. It doesn’t get colder having to re push the button either.

West Runton Camping and Caravanning Club Site

Also part of the amenity block is the dish washing facilities. There are plenty of sinks and space to be able to bring your dishes and wash and dry them. The water gets super hot there are warnings all round the room. There is also a disabled toilet room, chemical waste point as well as laundry room. The laundry room has washing machine, tumble dryer aswell as an Iron. All these are extra charges but only a couple of pounds or so.


The boys favourite place was of course the playpark. They spent every available opportunity there playing and making friends. I loved the size and even when it became “busy” it didn’t feel like it. Having the 2 picnic benches next to the park meant we could be close to them too. The park is fenced off and had a gate to access, however the children often forgot to close it. For us that was okay, but if you had younger children it may post a little risk.

Oliver loved the park and learnt how to master the fireman’s pole whilst we were camping. He will always remember that!

West Runton Camping and Caravanning Club site also has a mobile fish and chip takeaway service. It visits every Wednesday and Saturday and drives around the campsite playing a tune to remind campers. When we were camping it arrived at 6.45pm so although the boys were awake it was too late for them to eat, so we gave it a miss. There is a menu (although no prices are displayed) at the entrance of the campsite.

There is also a information hut. Inside there are leaflets, discount cards, walk trails, and pretty much everything you may need to know.

Things to do off site

There are plenty of local walks around the site, some heading to the coast. We chose to drive into Cromer to do a bit of shopping. It only takes less than 10 minutes to reach the supermarkets. There is a Lidl, Co-op and Morrisons and if I recall a Tesco too! So plenty of places to do a shop for the stay. If you wanted to visit a beach there are plenty! West Runton, Cromer and Sheringham are all within 10 minutes drive. Sheringham being our personal favourite.

Sheringham Beach




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