The benefits of donating blood

A couple of weeks I go I wrote a post about donating blood and how I think everyone should do it. Read here

What are the benefits

We all know the most important benefit of donating blood is knowing we are helping others. The blood we donate saves lives! No ifs, buts or maybes. If it is not used directly on a patient then it is used for research which helps us to understand blood/diseases.

This morning in the post I received my first reward from Giving blood. I wasn’t expecting to receive anything so when this arrived I was really surprised. I soon realised that for every milestone, there is a reward. Hopefully this encourages more donors to continue to donate. I enjoy going along to donor sessions as to be honest it is nice to relax without the boys, or I use it as one to one time with whomever wants to come. Everyone I meet at these sessions are friendly and welcoming.


Even more benefits

Here is a list of milestones and their rewards. Now I know it exists it helps to remind me to keep going. I doubt I will reach 1000, but I will try my hardest to get there.

1st – Welcome and thank you pack, including donor card and key fob

5th – Donor card

10th – Badge and certificate

25th – Donor card, badge and certificate

50th – Donor card, badge and certificate

75th – Badge and certificate

100th – Ceremony invitation (whole blood donors), commemorative medal and certificate

150th – Certificate

250th – Ceremony invitation (platelet donors), commemorative medal and certificate

500th – Special framed certificate

750th – Special framed certificate

1000th – Special framed certificate

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What happens to our blood?

The blood we donate is used to treat people having surgery, or to help with conditions such as Anaemia and cancer blood disorders amongst others too.

Our blood is made up of lots of components such as red blood cells, platelets and plasma. Each of these components can be used to treat many different conditions.

The blood is separated into each of their individual components which means that more people can be helped with just 1 donation up to 3 different patients.

Can you give blood?

Men can donate blood every 3 months and women can donate every 4.


I would love it if you could go along to a session and sign up to be a donor. It takes an hour, an hour of your time and you could help 3 people.


If you are a blood donor please let me know as I would love to take the opportunity to thank you.


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  1. 29th Jun 2017 / 2:48 pm

    It’s so worthwhile to give!!! I used to work as a marketing rep for a blood donation company over here in the states…it was a real eye opener!!!

    Also, I have been a recepient of blood! It’s so important to give!!!

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