We’re all going on holiday! – Camping!

I remember spending my summer holidays camping in Mablethorpe with my mum, dad and 4 siblings. We would arrive either the evening of breaking up from school or the day after and arrive back a couple of days before school started in September. It was amazing! We were pitched up on a working farm that if I remember rightly grew cabbages! Lots of them. We didn’t sleep in a conventional tent though, our family is far from conventional! We all slept in a trailer tent. I can’t for the life remember where exactly we slept either, I think a couple of us slept underneath?  But I do remember days spent on the beach, my dad driving home each week to pick up post and my mum cooking for 7 on a camping stove.


Within a couple of months of meeting each other Mark and I went on our first camping trip to Skegness. He had never been and having spent a lot of my childhood there I wanted to show him the old haunts! It was all a last-minute trip and we hadn’t booked anywhere! We pulled up outside several campsites before finding one with availability. It was a lovely site with toilets, restaurant and a little camping shop. We spent a lovely couple of days exploring Skegness, fantasy island and cooking fry ups!

Family Camping

Camping was something we always wanted to do with the boys. It is a lovely way to really get away from it all! Tents are expensive though and although once you have everything camping is rather cheap the outlay isn’t. Luckily Mark’s dad brought us a lovely 6berth tent for Christmas last year and this year we are making the most of it!

Mark’s dad isn’t very well so we are making the most of the time we have and the boys have with their grandad and we decided we would go camping together. Time has flown though and as the date draws closer we are realising how little we own! we currently only have the tent! We still need cooking equipment, sleeping bags and everything else associated with camping!

I was kind of relying on my dad having what we needed and could borrow. As an ex RAF serviceman and scout leader he had pretty much anything camping related and it would all be decent stuff too! But he has gotten rid! So back to square one.

Fingers crossed we can get everything we need!

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  1. 7th May 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Loved reading this.You remember so much,I remember the trailer tent but that is literally all I remember.

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