8 years – celebrating our wedding anniversary – The Mum Diaries

8 years ago I married my soul mate. 8 years later and I am still happy to report he is still my soul mate. We have had so many up days and I can probably count on one hand the down days. Since the day we met we have spent 5 nights apart. Our Wedding night, 2 nights when Jack was born, 1 night when Arthur was born and a night I spent at the baby show with friends. I am still so completely smitten and in love with him.

8 years wedding anniversary

Out of everything this man does for us I can not think of one bad thing. He puts the toilet seat down, he washes, he cooks, he cleans. He is an amazing father, and he does so much for us. I can never, ever, ever say he is a crap husband or dad. He has and always will be there for us! Thank you for putting up with me! I love you x

8 years wedding anniversary


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