Visting Santa at Sacrewell Farm

Finding the right place to see Santa can be difficult. You want to get it right and make sure your children still believe after the visit. Santa has a very important role to play, and I hate to say it but, we have been to some places were enthusiasm was a little bit, um lacking. As my children are getting older I am reminded that the “Believe clock” is ticking and it won’t be long until Jack stops. Finding the right Santa is important!

Sacrewell Farm

As a family, we love Sacrewell Farm and we hold so many memories here. When I was a domiciliary carer I used to care for the man who ran it, until I left (a couple of weeks before his death). Mark worked with his daughter and we both have been told some wonderful stories of him. So whenever we visit we are both reminded of the man who helped Sacrewell become what it is today! A few years ago we visited and it was absolutely magical. So when we were invited back to see what the Santa experience is like now, we said yes. It is worth noting that things have changed and although different the boys loved it and had a great time!


When you arrive at Sacrewell Farm you have the option to purchase extras such as a Tractor Ride at £1.50 each, you can also toast marshmallows for £2.50 each too! We have been on the tractor ride so many times before. If you haven’t been on one then you should try it out! The driver is absolutely lovely and he really knows his stuff!  When booking with Santa you are given a time slot. We had 11.30-12pm and for us it was great! It meant after our visit we would have time for some lunch and was still able to enjoy the farm. Other families can also book the same time slot so you are not on your own, although your meeting with Santa is still rather private.

Hutton Barn

This year Santa can be found in Hutton Barn, in previous years he was in the Mill House as well as the lovely David Powells House. It is handy to arrive a few minutes before your time slot, there is a lovely Christmas Tree outside which makes a great background for family photos.

At the door of Hutton Barn is one of Santa’s elves. They boys at this point were really excited! The elf checks their list and ticked us off! She welcomed us and explained that we were to walk around the Christmas Trees which we strategically placed within the barn. Some of the trees were lit with lights and the ceiling was covered! Jack was so amazed and absolutely loved the ceiling all lit up!

The first activity is at a picnic table at the edge, covered in several winter/Christmas related stories along with a box of help yourself Mince Pies. Also laid out on the table are several “Selfie props” perfect for photos. The boys loved using the props for photos! and the trees make a great background.


As we walked to the other end of the barn there was a craft activity! The boys were invited to make Snowman Christmas Cards, one of the elves was happily explaining to the boys what needed doing. There isn’t much room around the table so it is a bit of a squeeze but the elf was happy to assist.

Meeting Santa

After a short wait we were invited to go into meet Santa. The elf at the door to Santa spoke to the boys and asked their names and ages. As you walk in you are instantly drawn to Santa! He is sitting there on his chair wrapped in a lovely red cloak. The log fire is lit and the room is lovely and warm, the atmosphere was great in there. In 2 corners there is a huge pile of gifts wrapped in a lovely mixture of gift wrap. Santa was lovely as always and happily sat and spoke to the boys. Although there is a time limit you certainly didn’t feel rushed and the boys had plenty of time to talk to him.

Visiting the farm he isn’t wearing his usual red suit, he obviously wants to make sure it is nice and clean for his Christmas eve travels. After their time Santa gave the boys their gifts and we left. The boys were really excited to open their presents so we decided to take a trip to the Mill Barn. Inside is a lovely war time living room set up with a gorgeous Christmas Tree. The boys snuggled up on the sofa and opened their gifts.

Opening their gifts

The boys had a great time at Sacrewell Farm and although there were some differences from our previous visit in 2014 the whole visit was lovely.

The cost to see Santa is £7.50 each PLUS the normal admission price. There is also the added extra costs if you wanted like the tractor ride and toasting marshmallows. Don’t forget to follow Sacrewell Farm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


*We were invited to Sacrewell Farm to visit Santa for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own*

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