Easter Egg Trail @ Sacrewell Farm – Easter 2017

The boys and I recently visited Sacrewell Farm to take part in their Easter Egg Trail. We often visit the farm through the summer as it is close by. It is a great way to spend your day especially if the sun is shining.

Despite lots of families waiting to be served we were seen pretty quickly and given our booklets/pencils for the Easter Egg Trail. We couldn’t pick up any food for the animals due to it being lambing season. The boys seemed pretty disappointed but once they explained it was because of the all new babies being born they were excited to go and find them.

Easter Egg Trail

We couldn’t wait to get started and headed toward the stables. Along the way we saw the wooden eggs and noted their numbers.


Easter Egg Trail

We saw a baby lamb which was born earlier in the day (Thursday 13th April) The lamb had no name and seemed very settled.

As we were finding the wooden eggs we also took the time to see the animals. Sacrewell farm has a great array of different animals such as Alpacas to shire horses. The boys loved spotting the peacock.

Once we noted all the numbers on the wooden eggs around the farm we made our way to outside the mill. The boys handed their sheets into the lady and exchanged them for their eggs. They then had their photograph taken with the Easter Bunny!


The boys absolutely loved taking part in the Easter Egg Trail. It costs 3.50 per child and in return you receive a chocolate Easter bunny and a selection of small chocolate eggs. There is also the opportunity to go on a tractor ride which costs another 1.50 per person. After the trail we then spent an hour playing in the playbarn. It is definitely worth a visit this year!



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