Travel back in time to Medeshamstede – Celebrating Peterborough 900

Prepare to be taken back in time, back to Medeshamstede, when Peterborough was born. Queensgate Shopping Centre is putting on a week-long celebration to mark the 900th anniversary of the city.

Celebrating Peterborough 900

From Monday 30th July to Sunday 5th August Central Square will be transformed. Step into a medieval village complete with a castle and towering turrets. Walk across the drawbridge and through the giant gates to enter the courtyard. The courtyard is where you can find real knights, villagers and churchmen go about their daily lives.

Walk into the grand hall to take part in activities such as bread making, crown and shield making and of course Merlin’s spell school. You can also listen to stories of bravery and valour.

But that is not all, you can also watch the knights of the round table battle with incredible sword skills. As well as listening to traditional harps and folk music.

If that is not all then you can help find the Queen and King of Peterborough by having ago at pulling the sword from the stone.


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