Time flying way too fast! – Arthur Growing Up

My baby boy turned 7 months old yesterday!

Arthur has grown from a perfect 7lb 13oz new born to a 16lb 13oz baby boy!

He is 30 weeks and 1 day old.
Arthur has started to eat food. He loves Oranges and holding the segment and eating the juice.
He is breastfed and still having 3hourly feeds.
Arthur is in 6-9month sleep suits and he wears the odd outfit.
He can roll, and move around the room. He hates being contained and loves it when Oliver laughs at him.
Arthur is trying to sit unaided but leans forward and is still uneasy.
He is teething but we have no teeth.

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant and being to petrified to share the news, We was not planning on having another baby. In fact we had sold pretty much all of Oliver’s baby things such as, car seat, pushchair, etc. We returned the cot we had on loan And I had gotten used to being a 2 parent 2 child family. Boy how things have changed!

Seeing the 2 lines on that test, my heart stopped. Petrified, excited, Eager, all these different emotions. I had to tell Mark, I didn’t know what or how to tell him so I handed him the test.
Shocked and disbelief!

But seeing him, with our new baby boy and nothing else matters…



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