5 ways to keep cool in the heat!

This past week has been a scorcher! Temperatures have reached over 30 degrees and all over social media mums, dads, men and women are talking about the different ways to cool down.

Here are my 5 top tips to help keep cool in the summer! Keeping cool

  • Cold wet flannel – May seem silly and you make look like a fool but I think this would be my top tip! Run a flannel under the cold water tap and then wring the water out. The flannel will help keep you coo as well as wash the sweat away.
  • Keep the ice poles topped up! – Or ice cubes. Anything that can cool you down pretty instantly would work too. It also helps to keep you hydrated.
  • Wear loose clothing – Clothing such as linen is cool and breathable and will make you feel cooler. Also try to prevent wearing darker colours black attracts heat.Keeping cool
  • Keep hydrated – Many people forget to keep themselves hydrated when its hot and they will suffer for it later. Your body needs water and when its hot it expels sweat. You need to replace the liquids your loosing. Hand tip – Set a phone reminder and then mark your bottle to help remind you to drink more.
  • If you leave the house close your blinds and curtains to prevent your house from heating up.

Keep cool


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