Ways to improve Health and Well-being in Office Workers

For a lot of people working in an office is a great way to socialise. Especially if you’re a parent, you find you can go days without speaking to another grown up. It is also great for learning new skills but it can take its toll on us. Sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods of time can have an effect on our health and not in a good way. An online office furniture retailer, Furniture At Work recently undertook research to gain a better understanding of our work environments and how office furniture can help impact the health and mental well-being of workers.

With this in mind, I thought it would be a great idea to write a post about the simple things we do to help our mind, body and soul whilst working in an office, or in a home office.

My 3 tips

  1. Regular breaks away from the computer screen – Taking regular breaks and stepping away from the desk altogether. Staring at a computer screen without regular breaks isn’t beneficial to our vision and after a while our activity tends to decrease. Stepping into the fresh air more often than not can reawaken us and give more motivation.
  2. Become more active – doing some light stretches or even some office style yoga can really help to get the blood going around our bodies. If you struggle to make time maybe introduce some small steps such as; use the stairs rather than an elevator. Speak face to face to a colleague. Offer to make the coffee for everyone!
  3. Your office equipment – Simple changes like making sure you are sitting eye level to your monitor can help with posture. Making sure your chair is adjustable can help a with backache or joint ache too.

These are just 3 of my tips. I also took the opportunity to speak with fellow bloggers about ways they help their mind, body and soul whilst working long hours in an office or even at home.

Here is what a few of them have said –

Lisa from ThatBritishBetty.com – I work full time in a fast paced office for a PR agency. I religiously take 20 mins every day to get outdoors and go for a walk at some point. When I get back, I always feel refreshed – physically and mentally – and ready for the next challenge.

Sarah from Mummycatnotes.com – I like to sit down and do some of my bullet journal, it calms me down a little bit from the madness of daily life, I also find cleaning to be a bit therapeutic, that sense of accomplishment after giving something a good scrub really heightens my mood.

Carla-Marie from MyBump2Baby – I work from my home office and found myself getting a little “cabin fever”. I now set my alarm a little earlier and have 5 minutes meditation, I also book at gym class for midday and it does me the world of good and stops me feeling lethargic.

Katie from LivingOurWay.com – My husband works in an office. He likes to go for a jog to get outside and get some exercise.

Lisa from Baremother.com – As silly as it might sound I find hanging out the washing relaxing. I work from home and it gets me up and outside for 5 minutes, I feel like I’m keeping on top of things, so it’s good for my mental health too. I don’t mind a good fold either (while I’m watching Netflix), but putting clothes away is a whole other matter.

Tasha from MummyandMoose.co.uk – I make it my goal to exercise whilst I sit – For example I do glute squeezes while on a call. Bum dancing to hold music will not only tone your behind but give your colleagues something to chuckle too.

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