My phone, and why I am going to have a couple of days without it!

Why I am going phone free

On Sunday we decided to take the boys on a late evening stroll, with a picnic. We have never done it before and as it was the school holidays we decided what the heck! Jack and Oliver took their bikes and Arthur went on his motorbike. Mark and I decided it was an ideal time to encourage Oliver to ride 2 wheels. So as I normally do, I took my phone.

Throughout the walk and picnic I took photos and videos as you do.

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Next thing I know, I go to take my phone out of my back pocket and the glass covering my camera is smashed! I am gutted, absolutely gutted.  The Camera works but as you can see the quality is rubbish.


On Monday I contacted O2 Customer care to make a claim on my insurance, was quite simple, explained what happened and the woman on the other end booked a collection of the phone. But she said it can take up to 7 days! 7 days without a phone, without a more portable camera and without internet when out and about.

I decided to relish in this upcoming experience, go phone free and spend the time with the boys.


New phone arrives!



So, 2 day later and having no phone and my new one arrives this morning. I am really excited, but boy have I missed having the convenience of having access to everything. It is all the little things, such as not having instant access to a camera, so our trip to the farm wasn’t captured by us.


I missed not having access to my notes, or being able to make a quick call. Having to make sure everyone I was meeting knew exactly what we was doing, as we couldn’t make any last minute changes as we couldn’t let anyone know. I missed being able to check my social media. But, I loved spending more time with boys, without stopping to take a photo/check phone!


  1. 21st August 2016 / 7:56 pm

    Scary how much we rely on our phones isn’t it. I don’t want to use mine as much as we do but find it hard to cut down as it makes life so much easier.

    • The Mum Diaries
      21st August 2016 / 8:03 pm

      It does! I had to pick up an order in Asda and when I got there I went to get my phone out to show the email. Luckily I had already written it down. x

  2. 5th September 2016 / 4:57 pm

    I should try not picking my phone up constantly but it is a really really bad habit x

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