School transition visits!

Starting School

This week has been a tiring one for 2 out of 3 of the boys.
Jack had transition week at school, he said goodbye to his old classroom and hello to his new one. He met his new teacher and classmates and was year 3 for the whole week.
Oliver starts primary school this year, so has spent 2 mornings in his new school, meeting his teachers and getting used to the new routines.
I love transition week, now Jack is that little bit older he takes it all in his stride. He went into school Monday morning not knowing who he was with, or who his new teacher was. He came out of school beaming, so happy and excited to start the new year come September.
Oliver came out of his first visit with a big smile across his face! So excited to finally go to big school. Jack had been describing all the fun he will have at big school. Oliver had seen for himself how great it is! His Teacher is very special to us, she taught Mark and is now teaching his children.
Oliver will be one of the oldest in the class his birthday is September 11, and he starts the day after. He loved meeting his teacher and playing with his friends who are all moving to the same school with him. He has one more morning at the school next week, and then that will be it until September!
 Me on the other hand, I am dreading it. My babies are growing up and starting new chapters in their lives. They are going to have so many adventures and new experiences. I know they are going to have fun, but I can’t help feeling really emotional. I am going to miss having Oliver around me during the day. Arthur will miss his partner in crime.

Oliver walking hand in hand with his cousin

Anyone else have littlies starting school this year?

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