Any help for leaving gifts for teachers!

Hello and welcome back,

Its been awhile since I last published a post. I have written lots of entries but never published them 🙁 I am wanting to kick back into the swing of things really!
I need the motivation to change a few life habits and hoping the blog will encourage me to keep track.
So any handy tips along the way would be great!
I recently went back to work after several years of staying at home with the boys, it is a small evening job a few hours a day. Perfect for me to meet new people and make some extra funds and generally being me, not Jack/Oliver/Arthurs mum.
School holidays are fast approaching and i mean fast! In under 2 weeks Jack will be saying goodbye to his teachers and helpers, and Oliver says goodbye to playgroup! It will be sad to say goodybye to those that have helped them both grow into the boys that they are. Jacks teacher has been wonderful these past 2 years, he was incredibly fortunate to have her for 2 years in a row. Last year we got a lush bath bomb, wine and chocs so would love a keepsake for her, something useful. Any ideas on what we can get? I would ideally like to buy them something personal each especially as the boys won’t have them again. At Christmas I brought them all a poinsettia each, so ideally I don’t want to be getting anymore flowers.
Last years gift to Oliver’s old playschool.


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