ZU3D Animation Kit – Review

Learning how to make films is pretty much what most kids want to do. Jack loves films and T.V and one in particular which is guarnteed to always get laughs in our house is Morph. A delightful little modelling clay character which gets up to all sorts of mischief. Filmed using what is called stop motion the basics are pretty simple. Build a character out of modelling clay, position it in front of a backdrop and using a camera take individual stills to create a movie.

The ZU3D comes with pretty much everything needed to make your very own film including a High resolution webcam on a sturdy metal stand with a built in microphone (fancy eh?) We have been waiting for one of those afternoons when we have nothing planned to be able to sit and give it our full attention. Thankfully the other 2 boys were being entertained elsewhere which gave us the perfect opportunity to have a go!

So What’s included?

Included in the ZU3D Animation Kit is;

  • ZU3D Software needed for your PC/MAc or Ipad. Comes with a whole array of sound effects, music, artwork and other cool effects
  • Animation Handbook packed full of illustrated instructions tips and tricks!
  • High Quality Webcam which comes equipped with a high resolution lens, metal adjustable stand and built in microphone
  • Green Screen – A folded piece of green fabric
  • Modelling clay of 8 different colours
  • Mini Set – The box converts to a mini set and there are also 2 backdrops included.

ZU3D Animation Kit

Installing the software and setting up

Installing the software is pretty straightforward, you pop in the disc and follow the on-screen prompts. We don’t have an Ipad so we used the PC/Mac version. On the back of the Animation Handbook is the licence key needed to register the pack. The Webcam attaches via USB and once plugged in worked straight away.

The set was also pretty easy to set up. Open the cardboard box the kit came in and place either the green screen or the backdrop in over the top.

ZU3D Animation Kit

Jack couldn’t wait to get started and went to work straight away on creating his character “Bob” a faceless man who is walking through the Jungle. Making “Bob” was relatively easy for Jack as he based him on Morph. Once he was ready and his other characters “Rob and Colin” was finished he set about doing the filming.

ZU3D Animation Kit

I will mention one thing, originally we felt a little deflated as we just couldn’t get the webcam to focus. Everything came out blurry and whatever we did it just wouldn’t work. Mark had it for 2 minutes and voila! The lens it self can be turned to focus whatever is in the movie. Once that was sorted Jack was good to go. It is also worth noting that if using the green screen to make sure that you iron it first. We don’t have an iron so it took us a little longer to get it looking good on the screen.

Zu3d Animation Kit

The software is really easy to understand too! So although Jack is 8 he was able to add things in, manoeuvre slides and pretty much create an entire movie on his own! ZU3D Animation Kit

Jack had an absolute ball with this! and I know when his friends come over they will too! It shows a different side of technology and using it in a way to become creative which for us is always a benefit! The Animation Handbook literally contained everything he needed to do and step by step guide to adding in effects, backgrounds and sounds.


Jack’s Movie “Don’t lose your head”




Jack would love to know what you thought of his video!


*We were given the ZU3D Animation Kit in return for this review! All opinions/photos and the video are our own!*


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