Wunderlife Brug

There is nothing better than being out in the fresh air and spending time with my family. Our family loves nothing more than packing up the car and going camping. The Uk is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see and do. Another thing we love to do as a family is going on picnics. Sitting outside, eating lovely food and watching the world pass by. My one pet hate, however, is the amount of stuff we need to take. As a biggish family of 5, it can mean a lot of food, drinks, hats, suncream, jackets. More often than not Mark is left carrying it all. Since he is suffering from a bad back we have had to scale down our picnic trips due to either of us not being able to carry much.

The Brug


The Brug is a multifunctional bag that opens up to a water resistant, machine washable rug! Perfect for Day’s out and picnics. It is really quick and easy to transform as there isn’t any time consuming fiddly pieces. Simply put everything in the middle of the rug, pull and tighten the strings and then zip it up! That easy!


Wunderlife Brug

We found the Brug great when we took it on one of our picnics. It managed to withstand the boys constant coming and goings and gave them plenty of room to sit apart without sitting on each other. When Arthur exclaimed he needed the toilet and simply couldn’t hold on (and nope not a wee) we needed to move quickly. There was no more having to quickly pack the multitude of stuff into several bags! It was super quick and in less than a minute we were packed on our way back to the car. If you are a parent of young children you have probably experienced that before!

If you are planning a longer day out, you can also peg the rug into the ground to make it a little more sturdy. Each corner of the rug has a little tab to place the pegs through. The Brug doesn’t come with any pegs but you can choose to buy them as extras or if you are a camping family you probably already have some to use.

Wunderlife Brug
Wunderlife Brug

Not just for outdoors

Like I said the bag is multifunctional which means it has other uses! My 3 boys are all obsessed with Lego but I find it gets everywhere. Since we received the Brug we have been using it indoors to contain all the small bricks, I can’t express enough how much it has saved me from standing on them. The boys often flitter between lego and other toys so being able to just store them in a bag between uses makes it so much easier than having to scoop all the pieces back into the lego storage head.

Wunderlife Brug Wunderlife Brug

Where to buy

The Brug is priced at £49.99, and you can also add personalisation to the shoulder strap for an extra £12. The pegs are also an optional extra. You can buy either direct from Wunderlife or via Amazon.

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