Walking into Autumn/Winter in style with Whisper boots from Hotter Shoes

Those who know me well and follow me on Instagram Stories will already know I love Hotter Shoes. Ever since being introduced to them a couple of years back I have been hooked. Over the past couple of years I have amassed a rather small but lovely shoe collection which includes Jewel Shoes (more specifically 2 pairs) and a pair of Belle Boots. However up until recently I didn’t own a pair of ankle boots, something I wanted to change. After attending BlogOn in September I won a competition to review a pair of Whisper Boots. The ankle boots that were totally missing from my life!

Autumn Style with Whisper Boots

Walking into Autumn in style with Whisper boots from Hotter Shoes

My feet are silly half size, 5.5 to be precise and to make matters even more complicating, I also have wide feet. This however hasn’t stopped Hotter Shoes being able to provide a pair of Whisper Boots that fit my feet like gloves. When browsing their website online I fell in love with the Mushroom colour and despite only being available in a standard width I ordered. For the next few days I waited with baited breath for them to arrive, I really wanted that colour and I really wanted them to fit!

When they arrived, I took them out of the box and the colour was stunning! I was so glad that I went with it and didn’t relent to my usual black. When I put them on for the first time they didn’t feel uncomfortable. In fact an hour or two after them arriving I wore them on the school run. Usually I would have to “break” new shoes and boots in, however I didn’t feel I needed too. I loved that the boots have double zips; one on the inside and another on the outside. It makes them really easy to put on and take off.

Walking into Autumn in style with Whisper boots from Hotter Shoes

I really love the overall look of the Whisper Boot too. The slouchy design makes them look really on trend and the style of the boots makes them really easy to wear with almost anything! Making them really versatile boots too!

*I received a pair of Whisper Boots in exchange for a review.


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