Our visit to the new OrtonGate Starbucks!

Okay so I have been eager for Starbucks OrtonGate to open since I found out they were going to be here. Living less than 5 minutes away I was excited to be so close to one of my favourite coffee shops. Every day Mark updates me on the building progress and it just added to the anticipation of the opening. The date was set and there were to be Polo players arriving too! The whole thing was just so exciting!

Opening Day

OrtonGate Starbucks Drive Thru

Fast forward to today. Starbucks was opening at 11 and we pulled up outside around twenty too. It all seemed a little unorganised to be honest. People were being let in early and others were just standing around outside not really knowing what to do. About 10.50 we were told we could go inside for free coffee. FREE COFFEE!! I wasn’t expecting free coffee maybe a few samples to celebrate the opening but not free coffee.

When we got to the till though we were asked to pay which fair enough I was expecting to pay and happy to do so too. She asked for my name for the order and then asked for payment. As soon as I pulled out my card though the lady at the till soon told me that her till was cash only so she would ring it up on the other till. The other till’s card machine wasn’t working so they just said don’t worry drinks on us!

OrtonGate Starbucks Drive Thru

Inside Starbucks takes a very modern feel with wooden tables and light wall coverings. As you head towards the till you walk pass the counters full to the brim of cakes, biscuits and cold drinks. It was all very tempting. I did however struggle to find a price list for the drinks although I may have not looked where I should! As you move down the counters you then arrive at the collection part. You wait for your name to be called and collect drinks.

OrtonGate Starbucks Drive Thru


The queue was crazy busy and to be honest I just wanted to get my drinks and sit down. It was opening day however and we did expect a long queue. So we didn’t let that put us off! We didn’t have to wait too long for our drinks and the staff were really lovely and polite. Despite the early hiccups with the card machine everything else seemed to be pretty smooth. So if it wasn’t Kudos to you for showing it to the customers. We sat down by the window near the collection table and every now again we would be offered samples of their cakes/biscuits. The boys were excited with their orange juice and my mum and I enjoyed the atmosphere. It was lovely to sit and people watch!

Drive Thru

The visit would not have been complete if I didn’t test out the Drive Thru. Not to dissimilar to other drive thru’s to be honest. Talk through a speaker and then pay and collect your order. If you need to wait then you can park in the bays around the side. I am so exited to make this my regular haunt!

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