Virtual Reality – POP360 Insane Headset – Review

I think everyone has seen the videos of those using the Virtual Reality goggles and then either falling over or walking into a wall. This very nearly happened the first time Jack put on the VR Insane POP 360 googles we were sent to review. I of course didn’t tell him what to expect. where would be the fun in that? Instead I put the headset on him and watched him as he became entranced with what was happening in the goggles. It was hilarious!

VR insane

How does it work?

It works by downloading a free app on your smartphone (in my case via Google Play) and loading a video. The app uses video on youtube and puts them into easy defined menu options. Once you have chosen your option you then place your phone onto the goggles and secure with the plastic casing. There is also straps you can attach onto them to make them hands free! You can adjust each eye lens to suit you by some hand little buttons on the top! For those wandering about glasses? Well no fear as the goggles have plenty of room to accommodate them. For those who wear glasses know how difficult it can be with some headsets to get them to fit let alone comfortable. The VR insane has you covered though!

First experience

So for Jack’s first time I decided he could go underwater! Saying he loved it is a MAJOR understatement. He really got into it! and I had to detour him from walking into the stairs on more than one occasion. It really didn’t faze him though!

VR insane

The videos vary in length and every time you want to watch another you need to take the phone out of the casing. There is a great variety of videos and the boys (because lets face it Oliver wanted in on the action too) also found some games. The games involve moving/shaking your head to jump etc.

The VR headset is a really affordable option for kids too. I love this headset so much! and I will be completely honest you will have hours of fun on it! There are so many videos you can choose from and so many experiences!

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