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Over the past few months my mums mobility has really decreased. We love meeting each other for coffee, but with her limited mobility it is becoming more difficult. She has been really struggling with her hip which makes sitting and standing difficult. However walking for short peiods is the only thing that doesn’t seem to hurt her. Recently as part of the #LifeWithFenetic campaign Fenetic Wellbeing sent my mum an Ultra Lightweight Rollator to help ease her pain whilst out and about.

#LifeWithFenetic - Making mobility easier - Fenetic Wellbeing

One of the first features we both noticed when the Rollator arrived was how lightweight it felt. My mum lives in a second floor flat and has to go through 11 fire doors before she reaches her flat. A Lightweight Rollator is ideal for her as it makes it easier for her to carry up the stairs. Another plus with rollator was that it folded together really easily. It also makes storing it easier, especially living in a small flat. The Ultra Lightweight Rollator has a seat with back rest as well as a shopping bag which can be taken off and used as a shoulder bag.

Pre Rollator she was using crutches, however when out and about all day the crutches put pressure onto her wrists. It also didn’t help that after a few hours she would need to sit and rest. More often than not though there isn’t necessarily anywhere to sit. Having the rollator means that she doesn’t have to worry about that! The seat and backrest can take up to 18stone in weight and provides a seat whenever she feels she needs it.

#LifeWithFenetic - Making mobility easier - Fenetic Wellbeing

Since using the Ultra Lightweight Rollator it has given her the confidence to go out and about. Knowing that she isn’t going to fall has helped me not to worry so much either!

#LifeWithFenetic - Making mobility easier - Fenetic Wellbeing

*The Ultra Lightweight Rollator was sent in exchange for a review


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