Tonka at Asda

Arthur absolutely loves cars and trucks and pretty much anything with wheels. Often he lines them all up and one by one he rolls them down his garage. Over the past 8 years, I have bought a whole array of different vehicles made from different materials. We have since settled on a favourite metal diecast. We were recently asked to review a selection of Tonka Toys which will be available in Asda. As Arthur is so into his cars, we couldn’t refuse.

Selection of various Tonka Toys

Tonka Toys at Asda

We were sent a fabulous selection of toys from the range. Which were –

  • Diecast Big Rigs £6.99
  • Diecast Monster Trucks £6.99
  • Tinys Blind Garages £1.99
  • Tinys Three Pack £4.99
  • Tonka Tinys Mini Playset £9.99

We have a reward chart for Arthur as he doesn’t really eat much and each week he gets a treat. The toys are really inexpensive so I wouldn’t think twice about adding one of them into my shopping cart. The range isn’t available online yet but it is a case of wait and see!

Arthur couldn’t wait to rip open the packaging and as soon as they were open he lined them all up! I wasn’t disappointed with the quality of the toys either. Just because a child is playing with a toy doesn’t mean it should break! That was pretty much the notion that Tonka built their brand on. To prove it, in the 70’s they had an elephant stand on one of the toys. Tonka has become a brand I have come to love over the years. Tonka started in 1947 in Minnesota and after 70 years it is still pretty much the undisputed kings of the sandbox.

Big Rigs

There are several Big Rigs available to buy. We were sent the logger flatbed. Each log comes on and off which can help to enhance play!

Diecast Monster Truck

I love the fire engine monster truck! It is definitely something you don’t come across every day! Tonka’s Monster Truck range covers Urban, Construction and other emergency vehicles.

Tinys Blind Garages

The Tiny range of vehicles fit in the palm of your hands which make them great for small scale adventures. Each one comes in a garage which can also be connected to one another.

Tinys Mini Playset

There are 2 types of playset, Blast and Dash Quarry and Car Crush Escape. We received the Car Crush Escape and Arthur has loved playing with the different features such as the car compactor!

  • I was sent the toys in return for this review

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