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Dining out isn’t something that Mark and I particularly do with the boys, in all honesty, I am worried that they would play up. It is probably most parent’s nightmare when having children and although they can behave they do have their days and it is unpredictable. We were invited to Toby Carvery for a midweek roast last week and we couldn’t refuse. Sunday dinners are something everyone loves and even Arthur will have a few items (if he is in the mood). He is an extremely fussy eater but he does love Chicken/Turkey and Yorkshire Puddings! I always cook a Roast Dinner once a week, and I was really looking forward to no washing up!

Toby Carvery

We decided to book our table for Thursday at 4.30pm. We figured this would be early enough for the boys to eat and we would be finished by the time the dinner rush would start. Perfect. We walked in and was greeted by the manager who showed us to our table. As we had a voucher to cover the cost of our carvery and drinks there wasn’t much need to really look at the menu.A quick glance through and I saw not only do they have carveries but also a variety of other meals too, I was/am intrigued by the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap though!

One thing I will point out though is the kid’s drinks. With the adults, there is a refillable drinks option for under £3 great value for money as you can help yourself to a variety of different soft drinks. I asked our server if they did one similar for children and specified it was for squash and he said that they did, however, the boys were given the same size glasses as me and told to use the same refillable machine. It isn’t a major issue in itself but I think clearer information on the drinks is needed, there weren’t prices for the kid’s drinks either on the menu.

As we were ordering the carvery it meant we could go up to the serving counter and get it whenever we wanted. The Chef we met was lovely! The boys were overwhelmed with the options that were available so much they became quite shy and quiet.

The selection of meats available;

  • Roast Gammon with a Pomegranate Glaze
  • Roast Turkey Succulent British Farm Assured
  • and Roast British or Irish Beef with a Beef Dripping Glaze
  • Roast Pork with an Apple & Sage Glaze

The Chef spoke to the boys directly to ask what meats they wanted. He was really patient and waited for their answers too. It is the little things like this that make the whole experience that little bit better! The Chef very efficiently sliced the meat fresh from the joints and along with a massive Yorkshire pudding handed us the plates. We were then able to help ourselves to the array of different vegetables and potatoes on offer. From gorgeous fluffy on the inside and crispy on the out roast potatoes to cauliflower cheese which is probably the best, I have ever tasted. What’s more, they are unlimited! So you can have as much of it as you want. The serving spoons can get rather hot though so be careful.

I went for a mixture of all the meats (I mean why not?) whereas Mark went for the largest sized carvery. I wasn’t even aware that was a thing until he sat at the table with 2 Yorkshire puddings on his plate and sausages!! He still managed to fill his plate with potatoes and veg and he ate the lot.

One of the bonuses we found eating at Toby Carvery was the waiting. In fact, there wasn’t any! When we were seated we mentioned we were here for the carvery. Which meant we were able to go up and get it almost as soon as we walked through the door! As we hadn’t been before I even let the boys bring a toy/game each to keep them occupied and they were not needed.


I pretty much always want a pudding after dinner and the boys are no exception (they get that from me). Mark, however, was way too full after his large carvery to even want to think about ice cream or cake. When I looked at the menu and saw “Honeycomb Dream Sundae” my ultimate, most favourite pudding in the world. I just knew that was what I wanted. The boys quickly settled on making your own sundae. They came with little bowls of toppings to decorate the ice cream with along with a flavoured sauce. The boys loved putting their toppings on the ice cream and decorating it to their tastes.


Our experience of Toby Carvery is a very positive one. All the staff we spoke to and came across were nothing but lovely and helpful, everyone was smiling and happy. The food was delicious and the boys loved it! Not having to wait for the food to cook (if you choose the carvery option) makes it a really great option for families to come for midweek meals. The boys have already asked when we are coming back and I think that speaks volumes!

*We were given a voucher in exchange for our review*


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