Tickle Tots – All in one cloth nappy review


Tickle Tots all in one cloth nappy

When it comes to cloth nappies there are a couple of factors which help identify if it is for you. First things first is to determine which fastenings would work for you. The Tickle Tots Original is a Velcro fastening, easy to use and with the wash tabs, easy to keep clear.

One of the other factors is size. A Sized nappy is great but it means you have to buy the next size up as your baby grows. The more purse friendly size is Birth to Potty. The Original’s are Birth to Potty fitting from 10lb to 35lb. To put it into perspective the Tickle Tots Original fits really well on my nearly 3 year old.

Tickle Tots nappy

These nappies are all in ones which means everything is attached. Inside the nappy is a 4 layer bamboo fleece core which gives great absorbency. Along with the absorbency already in the nappy there is also a pocket. The pocket is perfect to hold any extra inserts in case you need to increase the absorbency.  These nappies are great as there is pretty much no prep time and once dried they are ready to use. As the inner part of the nappy is sewn in it does however increase the drying time making it one of the slower drying nappies available. Something to consider when deciding how many nappies you need.

The nappies come with an additional bamboo booster which can be used to increase absorbency if needed.

There is also a double gusset which helps to prevent any leaks.

And for every 1000 nappies sold Tickle Tots will plant a tree.



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