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Arthur attends playschool for 2.5 days a week and his development is always on my mind. I love his playschool and he is happy to attend but I am more than aware that a lot of his development happens at home. We love playing games and when we were offered the chance to play with The Curious Dragons I said yes. It looked like a really inviting and engaging education aid which I thought Arthur (4) would love!

The Curious Dragons

The Curious Dragons

The Curious Dragons is a brand new series of developmental games aimed at children aged 3years+. The first box is Counting with Understanding. For £29.99 you receive 5 fun and structured games designed to help develop your child’s interest. Everything you need is included from spinners, counting eggs and boards.

The games are all designed by an experienced advanced mathematics teacher. Their aims are to nurture and develop children’s numerical and reasoning abilities. The main method used is “touch, Visual and symbol” which is based on the work of American Psychologist Jerome Bruner. It has been highly successful in Singapore and is an integral part of the highly regarded “Singapore maths” method.

The principals of the Singapore Math method

There are 3 main principles of the Singapore method.

1 – Touch it! – Hands-on experience using physical objects

2 – Visualize It! – to develop their mental images of numbers and concepts

3 – Symbolize it! = Using numerals and other mathematical symbols.

The Curious Dragons

The games are split into 5 individual packs with the learning guide in the 1st box.  The games are;

  1. Collect the eggs
  2. Fill the nest
  3. Number Match
  4. Matching Pairs
  5. Three in a row

Our favourite game was Collect the Eggs. The instructions were really simple and easy to follow and Arthur absolutely loved playing! There are 20 eggs and the first one to fill their board wins.


The Curious Dragons

Arthur won! Arthur enjoyed counting his eggs and counting on to find out how many he needed. I also played the game with Oliver who is 6 (currently in Year1 at school) and Oliver was able to do simple subtractions easily to work what he needed. We also used the board to work out number pair of 10 and 20.

Matching Pairs

Not all games need 2 players, some can be played solo. Although Game 4 Matching Pairs say 2 players you can play solo or with 3 players.

The Curious Dragons

Our thoughts

Although The Curious Dragons are aimed at 3years+ we played with them with Arthur (4) who isn’t at school and Oliver (6) who is in his second year. Both boys really enjoyed playing with them and one of the best things is they didn’t know they were learning. From a parental perspective, the learning guide is full of information with easy to understand and follow instructions. The quality of the materials included in the pack is of really high quality which means they can be used over and over without looking worn.

The Curious Dragons set has pride of place on our bookshelf and has been played with numerous times! Arthur asks to play the “egg game” and because the games are really fun and engaging I am happy to play with him.

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The Curious Dragons

*We were given The Curious Dragons Box one in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own*

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