Tech Deck is back! – 6years+

Tech Deck Skateboard collection

When I was about 11 Tech Deck mini Skateboards were all the rage! It was a fad that seemed to have lasted an age and everyone I knew had one. Fast forward so many years (I won’t disclose) and they are back! Featuring real graphics from the biggest and most coveted skateboarding brands such as primitive, Element, Plan B Tech Deck are the only authentic miniature replica line of action sports toys. It is just skateboards that feature in the Tech Deck’s portfolio but also BMX bikes too! There is also a range of modular ramps which aims to allow both old and new fans to showcase their skills.


The Tech Deck 96MM fingerboards feature authentic graphics from coveted skate brands like Element, Flip, Primitive, Darkstar and more. This year you can build your collection with the inclusion of new scratch away graphics, retro board shapes, grind away trucks, 3.0 Tool design, bigger stickers, display stand and thrashed mould board all for 2018!

Building your Tech Deck Skateboard

The process of building the 96MM skateboards are as fiddly as I remember. Depending on which pack you buy, you may find you have to apply the grip sticker yourself. A little bit of advice would be to try and align the holes for the screws to go before you apply it. All the screws are tiny too and we lost a couple of spare ones when they fell off the table. It is all really worth it though when you have a fully functional skateboard to play with. One of the plus points of building your skateboard you can customise it however you want. Jack chose different colour wheels for his board, whereas Oliver wanted them all the same.

The boys are used to playing with Tech Deck Skateboards as we have the ones their dad used to play with when he was younger. In one of the packs we received there were training grips, these, by the way, came in so handy for Oliver and even allowed Arthur to have a go too. The training grip encourages the right finger placement on the board to be able to control it whilst completing tricks.

Finger Grips for Tech Deck

The Tech Deck website is full of videos to learn new tricks & tips too, so it is really worth a look

Ramps, Stairs and Grinding Poles

Along with the 96MM fingerboards is a whole host of different sets to help with tricks and encourage more play. We were sent the Tech Deck Starter Kit and Tech Deck SLS Pro Series Handrail with Hubba (I still have no idea what hubba is)

This is the SLS Pro Series Handrail with Hubba.

This is the Starter kit ramp

All the ramps are completely customisable to whichever position you want it to be. Something that we love about Tech Deck is that there are literally hundreds of possibilities of how to set them up. They all interlock with each other too! So you can build one giant skate park!

Boys playing with Tech Deck


The range is available at all good retailers

*We received a range of Tech Deck ramps and skateboards for the purpose of this review*

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