Being sun ready with Suneez Sunglasses

There is no denying the weather in recent weeks has been a scorcher. The boys have been spending more and more time outdoors and that of course means protecting them from the sun. I hold my hands up and because I know what my boys are like, I do tend to buy them cheap sunglasses. Every summer sunglasses are on the list, however as Jack wears prescription sunglasses so we have not had to worry much about those. Both Oliver and Arthur need sunglasses and I think I have found a pair. Suneez recently sent me a pair for Oliver to try and I couldn’t wait to see how they faired so I could buy a pair for Arthur.

Suneez Sunglasses

Suneez Sunglasses

Oliver had a browse through the designs online. There isn’t many to choose from, 6 in total but Oliver immediately found a couple he loved. In the end he settled on the Vila the plain black pair. The sunglasses come in one size and are aimed to fit 5-12 year olds. They are sized using 3 measurements; The lens width, bridge width and temple length.

Lens Width – 46mm

Bridge Width – 16mm

Arm Length – 130mm

When they arrived a couple of days later he couldn’t wait to put them on. When the sunglasses arrived they came with a microfibre carry case that can also be used to clean the lenses and a silicone strap.

What we love

What I love most about the sunglasses is how durable they are! My boys are pretty robust and they love being outdoors. Their main priority is to play and explore and we have gone through countless sunglasses in the past due to how flimsy they are. These however, the arms can be stretched right back and they just fling back into place.

Suneeze Sunglasses

Unfortunately a few days after the glasses arrived we went to a routine eye check where we found that Oliver was short sighted. Which meant he now had to wear glasses. However, we tried the Suneez Sunglasses on Arthur who is 4 (turns 5 in November) as we were planning on picking a pair up for him.

Suneeze Sunglasses

Although a little loose, the fit on him is great! Arthur was so excited to be able to wear them, much to Oliver’s dismay. Arthur’s favourite thing about them is the strap! Although a little fiddly to put on, once they are on they are secure. The strap is great at making sure they don’t get lost on days out. As they are always around his neck he knows exactly where they are!

The Suneez sunglasses are priced at £25, so although a little more pricier than others aimed at children the durability, The UV400 Protection, 100% UVA/UVB Protection and the polarized lenses makes them a great price!

Suneeze Sunglasses


*We were sent a pair of Suneez sunglasses in exchange for our review


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